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'Bachelor' Recap: Ben Flajnik Receives A Shocking Warning About Courtney Robertson

Ben thinks Courtney could be the one — but then Kacie flies across the world to warn him that Courtney will break his heart. Will Ben still give Courtney a rose?

Ben Flajnik is down to three remaining women — Lindzi Cox, Courtney Robertson and Nicki Sterling — on The Bachelor. During the Feb 27 episode, they travel to Switzerland for the overnight dates. But after the three intimate dates are done, Ben receives a shocking visit from eliminated contestant Kacie Boguskie, who has traveled across the world to warn him that Courtney doesn’t love him.

February 27, 2012
Courtney Robertson And Ben Flajnik

Courtney Robertson Was Edited To Look Like A Villain On 'The Bachelor,' Says Friend

Courtney’s longtime hairdresser and good friend Kris Jones tells exclusively that Courtney is actually a big sweetheart in real life and not at all like the demanding diva that’s seen on ‘The Bachelor.’

Courtney Robertson may not be the villain fans have come to know and hate on The Bachelor. Courtney’s hairdresser and close friend Kris Jones tells exclusively that Courtney was edited to look mean, and that in real life, the 28-year-old model is actually a “down-to-earth” girl with “zero attitude.” Kris thinks Ben Flajnik would be stupid not to a pick a girl like Courtney.

February 24, 2012
Courtney Robertson And Ben Flajnik

'Bachelor' Host: Courtney Robertson Needs To Apologize To Ben Flajnik

Chris Harrison doesn’t believe that Courtney has made up for all her ‘Bachelor’ sins just yet.

Courtney Robertson still has a lot of explaining to do to make up for her evil actions on The Bachelor where she bashed the other women competing for Ben Flajnik‘s heart. During the Feb. 20 episode, Courtney claimed that she felt horrible about her bad behavior, but she didn’t apologize to Ben or the other women. Host Chris Harrison thinks that Courtney still needs to come clean and prove that she is a decent person.

February 23, 2012

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