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'Bachelor' Host: Give Courtney Robertson Credit For Skinny Dipping With Ben Flajnik

Chris Harrison defends Courtney’s stunt but admits there is one attribute about Courtney that drives him nuts. Find out what it is.

During the Jan. 30 episode of The Bachelor, cunning Courtney Robertson convinced Ben Flajnik to take his clothes off and go skinny dipping with her in Puerto Rico. While fans may be outraged by Courtney’s manipulations, Bachelor host Chris Harrison admires her for going after what she wants.

January 31, 2012
Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson

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'Bachelor' Recap: Ben Flajnik & Cunning Courtney Robertson Go Skinny Dipping

Courtney pulls the most obnoxious and daring trick yet. She convinces Ben to get naked and canoodle with her in the ocean.

Cunning Courtney Robertson has no reservations when it comes to convincing Ben Flajnik to fall for her. During the Jan. 30 episode of The Bachelor, Courtney gets mad when she doesn’t get the group date rose. So, she decides to win her own way and surprises Ben with a skinny dipping adventure in Puerto Rico.

January 30, 2012
Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

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'Bachelor' Contestant Monica Spannbauer: Ben Flajnik Deserves Courtney Robertson

Monica reveals that if Ben falls for Courtney’s lies, then they will be a perfect couple.

Cunning Courtney Robertson has made it her mission to fool Bachelor Ben Flajnik into thinking that she’s falling for him, but in reality, she seems more concerned about winning the competition than his love. The other women chasing Ben’s heart don’t like Courtney’s manipulative ways. Eliminated contestant Monica Spannbauer thinks that if Ben does pick her in the end, then he deserves what he gets.

January 27, 2012
Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

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'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik — Dump Cunning Courtney Robertson Right Now

Courtney is not on ‘The Bachelor’ to find love — and she’s going to break Ben’s heart.

Bachelor Ben Flajnik has already had his heart broken once when he got down on one knee and proposed to Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and she said no. But now, Ben’s only setting himself up for another heartache if he proposes to cunning Courtney Robertson. If he is in fact secretly engaged to her at this very moment, Ben needs to seriously reconsider his options and end their relationship now.

January 24, 2012
Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

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'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik: Did Courtney Robertson Deceive Me?

It sounds like Ben is finally realizing that Courtney was more into winning the competition than falling in love with him while they were filming ‘The Bachelor.’

Ben Flajnik seems completely whipped by cunning Courtney Robertson on this season of The Bachelor. On air, he’s falling hard for her, but he doesn’t see her manipulative ways. Now, after watching the Jan. 23 episode, Ben seems to be starting to realize that Courtney isn’t who she pretended to be while filming.

January 24, 2012
Bachelor Ben Flajnik

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'Bachelor' Recap: Cunning Courtney Robertson Threatens To Hurt One Of Ben Flajnik's Women

Courtney freaks out when one of the girls calls her out in front of Ben.

Ben Flajnik and the girls travel to Park City, Utah during the Jan. 23 episode of The Bachelor. While they are all in one of the most romantic settings in the world, Courtney Robertson still seems more worried about winning the competition than Ben’s heart. The other girls can see that she’s not on the show for the right reasons, but Ben is blind. One girl decides to tell Ben about Courtney’s bad intentions — but the conversation doesn’t go as planned. Plus, Ben sends one girl home suddenly in the middle of the group date.

January 23, 2012
Ben Flajnik

'Bachelor' Preview: Cunning Courtney Robertson Makes Ben Flajnik's Other Women Cry

Courtney continues to prove that she’s more about winning than falling in love with Ben — and she’s driving the other women (and ‘Bachelor’ fans) nuts.

Ben Flajnik is the only one who seems to be falling for cunning Courtney Robertson‘s mischevious ways on The Bachelor. During the Jan. 23 episode, Courtney continues to make enemies of the other women competing for Ben. She even goes as far as to make one woman break down in tears. Read More & Watch Video!

January 23, 2012

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