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'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Tells Scott She Can't Trust Him — Are They Over For Good?

Plus, Scott comes clean about his killer urges! Run, Stiles, run!

Those of you hoping for a low-key, laid-back hour of MTV’s Teen Wolf were probably disappointed with the July 11 episode, which found our fave five trapped in the school and fighting for their lives against the terrifying — yet, sort of undeniably cheesy — Alpha Wolf. And while almost everybody made it out alive — still no sign of busy-browed Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) — we learned a shocking secret about Scott (Tyler Posey) that literally changes everything.

July 12, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Allison Discovers Her Family's Past & The Alpha Attacks Derek!

Do you think Derek will survive the Alpha’s attack? There’ll be a whole lot less lurking in Beacon Hills if he doesn’t!

The July 4 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf was all about control — but while Scott (Tyler Posey) spent the hour gaining control over his transformations, Jackson (Colton Haynes) spent the hour totally losing control, as the effects of Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) scratch began to sink in.

July 5, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The Alpha Wolf Is No Match For Stiles' Awkward Sexual Questions!

Plus, two familiar ‘Vampire Diaries’ faces dropped by. Did you catch them?

Scott (Tyler Posey) and Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) search for the Alpha Wolf continued on the June 27 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, as did Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien) whimsical journey of social, and sexual, awkwardness — but I’ll get to him later. The Alpha, who appears to be tracking Jackson (Colton Haynes), also drew the attention of a few nosy hunters, including Allison’s super-hot, pistol-packing Aunt Kate (Jill Wagner.) Werewolves beware…

June 28, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott & Allison's First Dinner Date — Awkward Tension, Anyone?

It was an evening of discoveries, gunshots & lots of tweaking out. (Thanks again, Stiles.)

Scott (Tyler Posey) had his first dinner with Allison’s (Crystal Reed) family on the June 20 episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and it went just as terribly as I expected — or as Scott would say, it went freaking terribly. But let’s back up a tad: The evening’s shenanigans began when everyone’s favorite bushy-browed werewolf Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) was shot by a mysterious (not to mention super-hot) stranger, who we soon learned has a strong connection to Allison’s family.

June 20, 2011

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Scott Loses Control & Nearly Eats Hits Friends… Twice.

Scott has enemies coming at him from all sides, but I’m thinking he might just be his own biggest threat.

As expected, our boy Scott’s (Tyler Posey) life got even more complicated on the second episode of MTV’s Teen Wolf, particularly his relationships with hot new girl Allison (Crystal Reed) and lacrosse team rival Jackson (Colton Haynes.) While Scott’s wolf-y powers helped him win the big game, much to Jackson’s displeasure, they also caused him to lose control — and nearly eat Allison during a not-so-hot locker room encounter.

June 7, 2011

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