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‘SNL’: Chris Rock, Amy Schumer & Dave Cameo-ing After Inauguration?

Dream team! ‘SNL’ has consistently been delivering hilarious politically charged content, but they’re going the extra mile for the post-inauguration episode! Will Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Dave Chappelle be making a cameo appearance?! See the photographic evidence here!

January 18, 2017
Justin Bieber Wants Chris Rock Apologize

Justin Bieber Wants Chris Rock To Apologize To Selena Gomez For Shading Her

Chris Rock usually puts a smile on Justin Bieber’s face, but not this time around. After majorly dissing Selena Gomez in public, the singer is demanding that his friend man up and apologize for his nasty remarks. has all the EXCLUSIVE details!

Don’t mess with Justin Bieber‘s favorite girl! The 22-year-old singer wants Chris Rock, 51, “to make things right” with Selena Gomez, 23, after he so rudely compared her to a cheap version of Beyonce, 34, on Twitter. has the EXCLUSIVE inside scoop.

June 9, 2016
Chris Rock Not Apologizing Selena Gomez

Chris Rock: Why He Refuses To Apologize For Selena Gomez Diss

Chris Rock is sticking by his diss! He declared to the Twitterverse that Selena Gomez isn’t as talented as Beyonce on June 7, and we’re hearing that he has no remorse for his mean tweet. In fact, he wanted to offend Selena in order to make the joke funny!

Selena Gomez won’t be hearing “sorry” from Chris Rock! The 51-year-old used his no-boundaries humor to totally slam Sel, 23, with a joke calling her a low-grade Beyonce on Twitter, which couldn’t have been a very easy blow for Selena to take. But even if Selena speaks out about how offended she is by his tweet, Chris is apparently not apologizing!

June 9, 2016
Chris Rock Disses Selena Gomez

Chris Rock Shades Selena Gomez Hard: You’re Not As Good As Beyonce

Ouch! Chris Rock just threw some big-time shade at Selena Gomez and it seems so random and out of the blue. Keep reading for the absolutely horrible diss the comedian blasted Selly with.

Not funny! Chris Rock, 51, usually makes us laugh hysterically, but his cruel humor about Selena Gomez, 23, has her fans furious. He’s calling her bargain basement Beyonce, 34, and the worst part is the original joke wasn’t even his in the first place! Read on for what he had to say that has him in hot water with Selenators.

June 8, 2016

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