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Cate Blanchett Slams ‘Pathetic’ Adults Who Take Selfies — Dissing Kim Kardashian?

Selfies are everything these days, but Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett is NOT a fan of the social media craze. She said that it’s especially ‘pathetic’ when adults partake in the activity — see what else she said!

Kim Kardashian‘s favorite hobby is taking sexy selfies of herself — I mean, she created a whole book full of selfies of herself! But Cate Blanchett, 46, just doesn’t get it! She explained that she “just can’t handle” this whole selfie culture in a new interview.

October 8, 2015
Cate Blanchett Cast Lucille Ball

Cate Blanchett Perfectly Cast As Lucille Ball In Aaron Sorkin’s Biopic

If you love Lucy, you’ll love Cate. The Academy Award winning actress, 46, is reportedly set to take on the iconic role of Lucille Ball in a new authorized biopic film, which Aaron Sorkin is writing!

In a world of remakes and reboots, it’s not surprising that we’re seeing an older story being told again. However, this time its that of the iconic couple, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Aaron Sorkin is writing a new biopic based on the couple’s 20-year-marriage. Their children, Lucy and Desi Arnaz Jr. are set to produce the film, while Cate Blanchett will be taking on the icon role, TheWrap is reporting.

September 2, 2015
Carol Trailer

‘Carol’ Trailer: Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara Fall Madly In Love — Watch

In the upcoming film, ‘Carol,’ Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara will fall for each other– hard. Watch a first romantic trailer!

Carol, which will hit theaters on Nov. 20, will star Oscar winner Cate Blanchett in the titular role, bringing to life one half of a budding lesbian relationship in 1950s New York. Rooney Mara will portray the 20-year-old whom Cate begins to fall for, and we will see the two as they struggle during a time in which lesbianism was not just frowned upon, it was unheard of. Coming to us from esteemed director, Todd Haynes (whose work you’ll know from I’m Not There), the film is sure to be a stylistic masterpiece. Check out a gorgeous– and devastating– first look!

August 17, 2015
Cate Blanchett Reveals Relationships Women

Cate Blanchett Confesses She’s Had ‘Many’ Relationships With Women

Cate is coming clean! When questioned about her upcoming romance film ‘Carol’ where she falls in love with a woman, Cate admitted that in real life, too, she’s had ‘many’ relationships with women.

Cate Blanchett, 45, is one of Hollywood’s most badass women. As the Australian actress gears up for the premiere of Carol, a lesbian romance film which premieres at the Cannes Film Festival on May 17, Cate has opened the closet door by confessing that she’s not fond of labels for sexual orientation — and because of that, she’s had “many” relationships with women! Here’s what she said.

May 13, 2015
Cate Blanchett Cinderella Evil Stepmother

Cate Blanchett: Why She’s The Most Evil ‘Cinderella’ Stepmother Of All

There have been so many movies focusing on the ‘Cinderella’ fairy tale, but Cate’s performance as the evil stepmother in the 2015 version is above and beyond the best. It feels so good to be bad sometimes!

Cate Blanchett, 45, nearly stole the movie when she stepped onto the screen as the deliciously wicked Lady Tremaine in the live-action remake of Cinderella. Anjelica Huston, 63, Jennifer Coolidge, 53, have all tackled the nasty character, but Cate managed to one-up them all. Let’s take a look back at previous Cinderella stepmothers to really drill home why Cate takes the evil crown!

March 14, 2015
Cate Blanchett Adopts Baby

Cate Blanchett & Husband Andrew Upton Have Adopted A Baby Girl — Congrats

It seems only fitting that Cate Blanchett wanted to add a baby girl to her house full of boys! The actress and her husband, Andrew Upton, have adopted a little girl — how sweet!

Talk about a fairytale! Cate Blanchett, 45, and husband Andrew Upton, are the proud new parents of a baby girl. The couple, who wed in 1997, decided to do something amazing — adopt! So wonderful!

March 6, 2015
Cate Blanchett Academy Awards

Cate Blanchett’s Oscars Beauty — Dark Lashes & Glowing Skin

Cate Blanchett looked amazing at the 2015 Academy Awards with a simple dress, statement necklace, and impeccable face of makeup. We loved her elegant look and how her makeup perfectly complimented her turquoise necklace!

Cate Blanchett, 45, attended the 2015 Oscars as a presenter. She stunned with her amazing makeup, which was created by talented makeup artist Jeanine Lobell. Get the exact how-to below!

February 23, 2015

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