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'Vampire Diaries' Scoop: Candice Accola Is Terrified Of Who Stefan Could Become Next Season!

‘The Vampire Diaries’ actress Candice Accola is scared of who Stefan might turn into and discusses Elena moving closer to Damon. PLUS vote on whether you think Stefan and Elena can make it work!

Candice Accola already revealed her thoughts on Caroline and Tyler’s friendship-based relationship on The Vampire Diaries next season, and she also talked to about Elena and the Salvatore brothers. “I think Elena has moved closer to Damon,” Candice admitted, when we asked if she thought the two would get closer in season three.

June 6, 2011

'Vampire Diaries' Scoop: Candice Accola On Why Caroline & Tyler's Relationship Will Work Next Season! speaks to Candice Accola about Caroline’s relationship with Tyler and why they have a chance at making it last! Plus, what will happen with Caroline and Matt?

Candice Accola sat down with us to chat about her Lyme disease fund-raising efforts, (more details on that soon!) and to give us her thoughts on next season of The Vampire Diaries. We’ve already heard from Michael Trevino on his hope that Caroline and Tyler will set a balanced example for Mystic Falls, but we wanted to hear what Candice had to say about the werewolf and vampireduo possibly getting together … and she didn’t let us down with her opinions on the relationship!

June 2, 2011

'Vampire Diaries' Starlet Candice Accola Started A Charity Project For Lyme Disease!

Ryan Hebert

Now that the season is over, Candice Accola is turning her attention away from hunky vampires and focusing more on raising money for Lyme Disease awareness!

When the beautiful Candace Accola isn’t on the set of The Vamire Diaries playing the riveting Caroline Forbes, she is volunteering her time as the spokesperson for the Turn The Corner Foundation which is the leading charity organization for Lyme Disease awareness. Candice is back in Los Angeles and ready to start raising money and awareness for those suffering from Lyme Disease.

May 16, 2011

'Vampire Diaries' Star Candice Accola V. Katie Holmes: Who's The Better Jackie O?

The hair, the gloves, the pink! Both ladies have the Jackie O. look down pat — but which one do YOU like better?

We hope you’re a fan of pink, because there’s a whole lot of it going on in this post. Two of our favorite people — The Vampire Diaries star Candice Accola and The Kennedys star Katie Holmes — are both bringing a classic look back to the small screen, and we want to know which actress YOU think pulls off the look better. Is it Candice in her costume for Mystic Falls’ “1960s Decades Dance” or is Katie in full costume for her ReelzChannel miniseries?

April 5, 2011

Andy Says: '30 Rock' Made A 'Vampire Diaries' Reference Last Night — Watch It Here!

I think Liz Lemon would look good with either Salvatore brother! Are you Team ‘Delemon’ or ‘Stelemon?’

What do Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) and Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) have in common? When they’re in trouble, they both turn to the boys of Mystic Falls to bail them out! On the March 24 episode of NBC’s 30 Rock, a frantic Liz was offered this brilliant idea to save her comedy show from going on a forced hiatus: “Maybe something with vampires? Everything has vampires nowadays. Have you seen the Twilight movies, or Vampire Diaries?”

March 25, 2011

Candice Accola plays newly-turned vampire Caroline on The CW's "The Vampire Diaries"

'Vampire Diaries' Star Candice Accola Wants Robert Pattinson As Her Man! Exclusive!

The ‘Vampire Diaries’ vamp wants to get close to R-Patz — and check out that hair!

Candice Accola may star alongside the super sexy Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley on The Vampire Diaries, but she still has Twilight fever! spoke with Candice at the CW TCA panel on Jan. 14 and the actress made her choice for her favorite Twilight vampire!! “I mean I guess Robert Pattinson’s the easy answer for that one. Just because I want to know what they put in his hair!” Watch your back Kristen!

January 15, 2011

Andy's 'Vampire Diaries' Afterthoughts: Bonnie & Damon Are Getting Closer, And I Like It! Oh, And Someone Died! Find Out Who…

The Oct. 21 episode was curveball after curveball! Katherine is pissed and she’s WINNING!

Warning! If you haven’t watched “Plan B,” stop reading. There be spoilers ahead… OK, let’s do this: It really wasn’t a great night for Team Stelena. In a desperate attempt to keep Katherine (Nina Dobrev) from ruining their lives any further, Nina decided she needed to break up with Stefan (Paul Wesley.) I may drink the Delena Kool-Aid myself, but I still feel your pain. And speaking of pain, the break-up was triggered by Katherine forcing Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) to stab herself with a kitchen knife! But was she one who died?…

October 21, 2010

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