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Thank God Bristol Palin Was Finally Voted Off ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Do you agree that Sarah Palin’s daughter deserved to get the boot? Read my thoughts & share your own!

After several weeks of questionable eliminations on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars, I’ve grown more than a little skeptical of America’s decision-making skills — but the viewers finally got it right Oct. 16 when they voted to bump Bristol Palin from the dance floor. Good riddance to bad dancing.

October 17, 2012
Sarah Palin weight loss

Sarah Palin In Weight Loss Competition With Bristol Palin

Sarah Palin has dropped 35 pounds and looks shockingly thin. Now, has learned that she’s trying to keep up with skinny daughter Bristol. Here’s why!

Sarah Palin is in a different kind of competition this election season. Amid reports scrutinizing her drastic weight loss, has learned EXCLUSIVELY the truth behind her new skinny frame: she’s trying to look like her daughter!

October 10, 2012

‘Dancing With The Stars’ Recap: Bristol & Mark’s Tearful Blowup

The all-stars had creative control for ‘iconic dance week’, two huge bombshells were revealed, and Bristol & Mark had a huge fight in the Oct. 8 competition! Keep reading for all the drama!

This week, the all-star celebs were the creative directors and Len challenged them to make the most creative, eye-popping dances ever!

October 8, 2012
Bristol Palin Julianne Moore Diss

Bristol Palin Disses Julianne Moore: Sarah Palin Is ‘Way Hotter’

Julianne won an Emmy Award for playing Sarah Palin in HBO’s ‘Game Change.’ But Bristol tells exclusively that it was a poor depiction of her mother and Sarah is ‘way hotter’ than Julianne. Ouch!

After the Oct. 2 episode of Dancing With the Stars: All Stars, Bristol Palin opened up to and had some choice words regarding Julianne Moore’s Emmy win for portraying Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game Change. Hint: Bristol is not a fan.

October 3, 2012

Bristol Palin Defends 3-Year-Old Son Tripp's F-Bomb

On Bristol’s reality show ‘Life’s a Tripp,’ her toddler’s R-rated vocabulary has gotten him more laughs than discipline. So after he called his aunt a ‘f—-t,’ Bristol admits her son did drop an f-word, just not the one everyone thinks. Watch the clip and see for yourself!

Tripp Palin, at the ripe old age of 3, has a vocabulary that would make the cast of Jersey Shore blush. Because the poor kid is around adults all day, he inevitably picks up some colorful language, which he chooses to use against his own family members. On the most recent episode of Life’s a Trip, the toddler lashes out at Aunt Willow, and calls her an f-word!

July 24, 2012

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