Amy Schumer Jokes that Sex With Her Husband Is Her ‘Favorite 90 Seconds of the Week’

The comedian opened up about how much she enjoys her sex life with her husband during a Valentine's Day appearance on 'The View.'

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Amy Schumer poked fun at her and her husband Chris Fischer’s sex life in a hilarious interview on The View on Wednesday, February 14. Even though it may not last very long, the comedian, 42, did say that she and her hubby, 44, have a very healthy sex life. She showed that she’s very happy with her husband in their relationship and in the bedroom.

Before Amy joined the ladies at the “Hot Topics” table, they showed a clip from the new season of her sitcom series Life and Beth, where she and Michael Cera were roleplaying in the bedroom. One of the hosts asked her if the scene was a reflection of her sex life, and she admitted that they have good chemistry in the bedroom. “I’ll be honest. I love sex with my husband. It is my favorite 90 seconds of the week,” she joked.

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Later during the conversation, Sunny Hostin called back to a “Hot Topics” discussion from earlier in the week, when they read an article that suggested that someone who may be good in bed may be showing red flags. because it may be a sign of narcissism. Amy agreed that it was and shared one of her own. “Did you ever have this where a guy will be like, ‘Oh I don’t know. I’ve never tried this before. Do you want to try this? I just like bought this at the store.’ You’re like, ‘Really? Okay.’ It’s such a red flag,” she said.

The Trainwreck star proceeded to say that she is very satisfied that Chris doesn’t ask her to try any crazy experiments when they get intimate. “I’m very happy to be with someone that I don’t have to do anything weird for. Just lay there. Just be there,” she said. Joy Behar was also joking about just laying there, and Amy had another perfect quip. “You’ve seen our sex tape!”

Besides her sex life, Amy did reveal a sweet tradition that she and her husband have, because they “got married the day before Valentine’s Day” in 2018. She complimented how sweet Chris was during their wedding. “So we watch our wedding vows,” she said. “I couldn’t follow him. His vows were so good.”