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Alexia Nepola & Marysol Patton Say ‘Miserable’ Leah McSweeney Brought Bad ‘Energy’ To ‘RHUGT’ (Exclusive)

'RHUGT 3' stars Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton dish on the 'chaos' that Leah McSweeney caused in Thailand, in this EXCLUSIVE interview.

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Alexia Nepola
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Alexia Nepola and Marysol Patton made it clear that they don’t want to travel with Leah McSweeney ever again after their experience on season 3 of Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip. During an upcoming episode of HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, the Real Housewives of Miami stars EXCLUSIVELY said that Leah “was miserable” when she arrived in Thailand to film RHUGT 3, which premieres March 23 on Peacock. “Her face said it. Her body language,” Alexia told us. “She [Leah] was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m doing here.’ And I was like, ‘Okay.’ ”

Alexia Nepola
Alexia Nepola; Leah McSweeney; Marysol Patton (Photo: Shutterstock)

Marysol said that Leah didn’t pull her weight on the show as much as the rest of the cast, which includes Gizelle BryantCandiace Bassett, Heather GayWhitney Rose, and Porsha Williams. “The rumblings within the group were [that] we’re all making an effort, and we’re working hard, and we’re getting paid the same. And she always gets to go rest and lay down and she doesn’t feel well,” Marysol said. “And we’re all here hustling trying to make a show.”

We asked Alexia and Marysol if they enjoyed Leah by the end of their trip, and their silence spoke for itself. Alexia went on to tell us that she thought Leah would’ve had a great time in Thailand, seeing as she was the only person there from The Real Housewives of New York City.

“I don’t think she wanted to be there. I felt that energy from her since the day she walked into that house,” Alexia explained. “So I was like, ‘Then what the hell are you doing here?’ And on the contrary, I thought she would have an advantage, because if I would’ve came by myself with all these new ladies… I wanted to be friends with all of you. Because I want to go back to Potomac and Salt Lake City. So the fact that she turned it into a negative thing. Like, ‘Oh, you’re so lucky you guys are together. Look at me. I’m sober. I’m this and I went through that.’ I was like girl no. This is not the trip for that,” Alexia added. “You’re in a beautiful country in a beautiful place. Just have fun.”

The cast of ‘RHUGT’ season 3 (Photo: Peacock)

Marysol said that Leah “arrived with this spoiled, poopy mood” that never went away during the trip. “She was always grumpy. She didn’t feel well. She didn’t like what people were saying,” Marysol told us. “Whenever we were in the group, she just wanted to cause trouble. Like make a moment and then be like, ‘Okay I don’t feel well. I’m gonna take a two day break. And then I’m gonna come back and cause chaos again. And then I’m gonna go take another break for 24 hours.’ While all of us are still working, working, working.”

Alexia acknowledged that Leah “was better” during one-on-one conversations, but she still never formed a close bond with the Chaos Theory author. “I thought I was gonna be friends with her,” Alexia said. “Then after that, when she was in a group scene, she just couldn’t handle it. I would see a different side to her, that I was like, ‘Okay, I’m just not even gonna bother.’ ”

Alexia and Marysol’s interview on the Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast drops on Apple Podcasts and Spotify this Friday, March 24. Season 3 of RHUGT premieres Thursday, March 23 on Peacock.