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‘RHOM’s Nicole & Guerdy React To Adriana’s ‘Dumb Analogy’ About Alexia’s Son Frankie (Exclusive)

Nicole Martin and Guerdy Abraira said on HollywoodLife's 'Real Housewives' podcast that they were 'horrified' over Adriana de Moura's comment about Frankie.

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The Real Housewives of Miami cast trip to the Bahamas has had no shortage of drama, but things got especially ugly between OGs Adriana de Moura and Alexia Nepola at the end of the Feb. 16 episode. Adriana was upset with the other ladies for their lack of sympathy about her “broken” foot, so she compared her injury to Alexia’s son Frankie‘s 2011 car accident. Dr. Nicole Martin and Guerdy Abraira witnessed the tense moment between Adriana and Alexia, and when they appeared on the latest episode of HollywoodLife’s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, they made it clear that they do not support Adriana’s comparison.

“The initial thought was, ‘Girl, you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. Period,’ ” Guerdy told us in the EXCLUSIVE interview. “That was the initial thought. For sure.”

Nicole agreed with her co-star and close friend. “All of us were like, ‘Ooo, bad choice of words.’ It was just a dumb analogy. She knows it,” Nicole said. “We were all a little horrified. Yeah, it was bad.”

Guerdy explained that it was “unanimous” between all the other ladies — Larsa Pippen, Marysol Patton, Julia Lemigova, and KiKi Barth — that Adriana bringing up the accident that nearly killed Frankie was uncalled for.

Nicole Martin; Adriana de Moura; Guerdy Abraira (Photo: Bravo)

Despite not supporting Adriana’s comment, Guerdy said on the podcast that fans will see her try to fix the broken relationships between the women as season 5 comes to an end.

“That’s the attempt. So you’ll see that towards the last couple episodes. This is a Hail Mary throw and I’m trying to put together an event to try to mesh and mend fences between the group,” the event planner explained. “So that’s the attempt. It bleeds into the reunion and it leaves us to be where we are today, where you obviously see that there’s definitely some division.”

And although Nicole’s close friends with Adriana, the mom-of-one thinks that children should never be brought up on Real Housewives, regardless of the circumstances.

“When you watch these shows, there’s always these unstated Housewife rules, right? You don’t go after people’s kids. You don’t go after their profession or the way they make their money or families,” Nicole said. “Those are kind of the things that are really high priced real estate.”

“And so it’s like once you go after someone’s kids… it’s hard to bounce back from that,” Nicole added. “It’s going to definitely take work and effort. I think we’re all hopeful that there’s a place where they can eventually move forward, but it’s definitely going to be a hard one to recover from.”

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