‘RHOM’s Dr. Nicole Martin Teases A ‘Huge Explosion’ Of ‘Nasty’ Drama During Season 5 Cast Trip (Exclusive)

Dr. Nicole Martin revealed to HollywoodLife that two OGs get into a 'nasty' fight where children are brought up during a season 5 cast trip.

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Nicole Martin
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After that wild fight between Larsa Pippen and Lisa Hochstein, Dr. Nicole Martin confirmed that there’s more drama to come between the OGs of The Real Housewives of Miami later in season 5. “There’s a huge explosion during one of our cast trips between two OGs,” the 38-year-old EXCLUSIVELY said on HollywoodLife‘s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast.

“You start to realize that the drama runs deep because these girls have known each other for 15 years,” Nicole noted. “So there’s a lot of deep, deep stuff from old seasons that comes up. I didn’t know anything about that, cause I wasn’t around back then, so I’m shocked at some of the stuff that unfolds.”

Nicole explained that the drama between the two OGs got “pretty nasty,” though she didn’t reveal which of her co-stars were involved. Nicole also revealed that at least one Housewife’s children were brought up during the fight.

“I don’t know where these people are going to go from here, cause children’s like a no-go zone,” she told us. “I think husbands is a gray zone. Kids is an absolute no zone.”

Nicole Martin
‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ star Nicole Martin (Photo: Peacock)

We also asked Nicole which of her RHOM co-stars she gets along best with, and who she feuds with on this season. “I think the newbies have a natural tendency to gravitate toward each other because we are all in the same place in the group. Our friendships are all developing at the same time. So Guerdy [Abraira] and Julia [Lemigova] and I are all very close,” Nicole said. “I’ve grown closer to Lisa. We all showed up for her this season.”

Marysol [Patton] and I are doing better,” Nicole added. “She’s funny. I like her. And I am no longer the one she trusts the least, by the way. We played the game again and it is not me. So that’s a win.”

Nicole revealed that her and Larsa’s season 4 drama carried into the new season. “I think there was a lot of resentment and built up feelings after the reunion last year. I don’t think we’ve fully moved past those feelings,” Nicole said. “I think we’re both very strong personalities. We take things very personal and we’re both very reactive and that combination doesn’t lend to us necessarily getting along well.”

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