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RHOM’s Nicole & Guerdy Reveal Why Andy Cohen Yelled At Larsa Pippen At The Reunion (Exclusive)

Andy Cohen recently apologized after yelling at Larsa Pippen at the 'RHOM' reunion, and now we have more insight on why he got so upset with her.

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The Real Housewives of Miami‘s Guerdy Abraira previously opened up about why Andy Cohen “screamed” at Larsa Pippen during the cast’s Season 5 reunion. At the time — during a live taping of Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast — she said it was because of a disagreement over the word “bastard” and having a “child out of wedlock“, but now we’ve learned a bit more.

Dr. Nicole Martin and Guerdy both appeared on the latest episode of HollywoodLife’s Pay Attention Puh-Lease! podcast, and it was during that EXCLUSIVE interview that the ladies explained how intense things really got.

Dr. Nicole Martin & Guerdy Abraira (Bravo)

“I mean, honestly, the reunion was so intense,” Nicole told us after we asked about Andy and Larsa’s rough moment. “When I try to tell people what it’s like, it’s like… have you ever walked into the pound and there’s a bunch of dogs and it’s [a bunch of yapping]? That is what it was like sitting at the reunion. It was like a bunch of yapping Chihuahuas, myself being one of them. But it’s a lot to process and honestly, I can’t even remember the context with which Andy yelled at her, but it was definitely something where he was just like, ‘Enough! Like are you serious? You’re not getting it?”

“[We were] trying to move on to the next topic, and it was kind of like we’re stuck on this topic and we weren’t progressing,” Guerdy further explained. “And I just felt like he [yelled at her] and he apologized for it. And again, I’m not one to support screaming at anybody, so I’m glad that he apologized to her, but we were just trying to move on to the next topic, but we got stuck in a particular misunderstanding and we needed some clarity for both parties. So that’s where you see that frustration on his part.”

This new information comes a few weeks after Andy issued an apology to Larsa for shouting at her. “We’re still shooting, and I didn’t have screaming at Larsa on my bingo card today,” Andy said in a video posted on his Instagram Story on Jan. 26. Larsa then jumped in and asked Andy if he was “going to apologize?”

Larsa Pippen & Andy Cohen (Bravo/Shutterstock)

“I’m sorry, Larsa,” Andy replied, and she seemingly accepted his apology. Andy then explained that he doesn’t condone yelling at women. “I don’t like screaming at women. I said it on the break, I don’t want to scream at women,” he revealed.

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