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‘Summer House’ Star Danielle Olivera & Boyfriend Robert Sieber Split After 2 Years Of Dating

They're through! 'Summer House' star Danielle Olivera & her boyfriend of two years, Robert Sieber, called it quits before the holidays, & on Feb. 22 she broke her silence on the matter.

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All good things come to an end. Amid Season 7 of Summer House airing on Bravo, one of the show’s stars, Danielle Olivera, 34, has opened up about her recent split from chef Robert Sieber. “We broke up towards the end of last year,” she told PEOPLE on Feb. 22. “It just wasn’t working out. You know, it sucks because there’s no animosity. It’s just sad, honestly, that we couldn’t figure it out.” Despite their breakup, Danielle called her ex-beau a “great person” and clarified that she has “so much respect for him.”

danielle olivera breakup
Daniella Olivera & Robert Sieber called it quits in Nov. 2022. (Bravo)

Although the brunette beauty and Robert remain respectful of each other, the 34-year-old noted she was no longer happy on the romantic side of things. “I have so much respect for him, but the relationship side, I was becoming unhappy in it,” she added. “And expressing that unhappiness didn’t work in my favor.” In addition, the TV personality stated that their careers were another reason for their relationship’s demise.

“That was the best time, when he didn’t have work!”, Danielle shared with the outlet. “I really loved spending a lot of time with him and he’s a chef, and it’s difficult to date a chef in general, but to date a chef that travels for his job, it takes a toll. And I’m not the easiest either. I expect a lot, and so those two things just didn’t work out.” Robert and his now-ex dated from July 2020 until November of 2022.

In a separate interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Danielle detailed the timeline of their breakup and said she does “not recommend” that timeline for anyone. “Robert and I have parted ways,” she told the outlet on Wednesday. “It happened right before Thanksgiving, and I do not recommend a breakup right before the holidays. It is heartbreaking. It sucks. But, there’s no animosity between us. It just wasn’t working out.” She also told The Daily Dish that their careers are “stressful [and] insane”, which led to neglecting their communication skills. “We couldn’t communicate effectively, and we needed to find our own happiness, separately, unfortunately. I hope it’s for the best, but I can tell you right now, it feels really bad,” she concluded.

Although Danielle confirmed the heartbreak this week, her co-stars Lindsay Hubbard, 36, and Carl Radke, 38, seemingly confirmed the split in an interview with ET via, US Weekly on Feb. 10. “Danielle’s been in a relationship with Robert [Sieber] — I don’t know if it’s still currently going or not. As far as we know, they are not together is what we are told,” Carl told the outlet. “But Danielle was in a serious relationship, and she traveled around and there was no animosity about her going away.” The former pair made their last public appearance at BravoCon in Oct. 2022 (see photos above).