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Britney Spears Proves She’s Alive With Topless Shower Videos From Mexico Vacation: Watch

A growing fan theory suggested the pop princess may be missing or dead as it appeared she was not handling her own social media. Britney cleared that up with some racy content.

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Britney Spears proved she is still alive to continue posting more racy content by… posting more racy content. In the midst of wild fan theories that the “Toxic” singer is not in control of her own Instagram and may be missing or dead, Britney took to her social media on Tuesday, Dec. 20 to show that she is very much of this Earth and giving back with some sexy shower clips. In the videos, which had versions of it posted previously, she assured her followers that she was happy and healthy in Mexico on a holiday.

The speculation of Britney either being six feet under or impersonated by a body double, per Jezebel, was escalated after fans noticed Britney was in Mexico for her trip, when she had initially announced that she was flying to New York. However, a source told TMZ that the pop princess had only said she was on the way to the Big Apple to “throw people off.” As for other fan concerns that Britney was not in control of her social media, the outlet’s source also said the video was “shot in Mexico, and wasn’t old or recycled content.”

The reporting lines up with our own, as an insider close to Britney EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that Britney is the boss when it comes to her own social media platforms. “Britney posts her own content, or she sends it to her social media team for them to post it,” the insider explained. “She is 100 percent aware of everything posted to her page and oversees all of it. If there are promo items, her social media team asks Britney if it is okay to post them and they get her approval before doing so. This stuff about her page or content being controlled is absolute BS.”

Britney Spears had fans theorizing she was missing or dead due to her online content. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

The rumor of her not creating her own content partly stemmed from Britney gushing about family members online recently after dragging them for months. In one IG, Britney asks to meet up with her estranged mom Lynn Spears for coffee after she rejected Lynn’s apology in October and told her to “go f*** yourself.” Britney also lavished praise on her younger sister Jamie Lynn Spears in a follow-up post, which really threw off fans, as they’ve clocked the bitter public feud that went down between the sisters.

Of course, the rumors took off again after Britney deactivated her Instagram last week for a brief period of time. The next day, her husband, Sam Asghari, took to his own Instagram Stories to defend his wife, writing, “Social media can be traumatizing, sometimes it’s good to take a break.” He continued, “She has her voice and is a free woman. I have respect for her privacy and I protect it at all times. Thank you to all of her protective fans.” Britney is obviously back on the platform, returning with those steamy shower clips!