Second Woman Claims Herschel Walker ‘Pressured’ Her Into Having An Abortion During Their Affair

Gloria Allred claimed to have receipts of hotel rooms that the Jane Doe stayed in with the NFL player, as well as a photo of him in the room, as well as voicemails and cards from him.

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Gloria Allred revealed that another woman alleged that she was “pressured” by former NFL player and Senate Candidate Herschel Walker to get an abortion, during an affair in 1993. Allred kept the second woman’s name and other details private, but she said that the Republican candidate for Georgia, who has campaigned on strict anti-abortion policies, drove her to an abortion clinic to have the procedure done while they were in a relationship. Walker denied the allegations while speaking to reporters in Dillard, Georgia.

Allred revealed her findings in a press conference on Wednesday, October 26. The woman who was filed as a Jane Doe claimed that she had a relationship with Herschel beginning in 1987, while he was married to his first wife Cindy DeAngelis Grossman, in a statement received by HollywoodLife. She revealed that she became pregnant in 1993, and Herschel “encouraged” her to get an abortion. After she said she couldn’t go through with it, she claimed he drove her to the clinic. “I was devastated because I felt that I had been pressured into having an abortion. After the abortion, I felt that Herschel began distancing himself from me,” she said.

Walker dismissed the claims as “foolishness,” and didn’t answer reporters’ questions. “I’ve already told people this is a lie and I’m not going to entertain and continue to carry a lie alone,” he said, per ABC News. “The Democrats do and say whatever they can to win this fight and win this seat, but I want them to know they don’t know Herschel Walker.”

Both women detailed the alleged relationship that Walker had with the woman. She also said that she had cards from the player, which he signed simply with the initial “H,” contrasting claims he’d made about not signing with just his first initial. Additionally, Allred recited a transcript of a voicemail that Walker had left for the women, as well as said that she had a receipt from the hotel she stayed in, and a photo of Walker in her room.

The Jane Doe also concluded her statement by saying that she did not come forward simply because Walker is running as a Republican. She claimed to have voted for former President Donald Trump in both 2016 and 2020. “I do not believe that Herschel is morally fit to be a U.S. Senator and that is the reason why I am speaking up and providing proof,” she said. Allred’s statement concluded by saying that the woman felt that Walker was “a complete hypocrite and does not deserve” to be a Senator.

Allred sent out an alert that she would be holding a press conference earlier in the day, per DailyBeast. The anonymous accuser was revealed to be the second woman that has said that Walker assisted her in getting an abortion. It was revealed that Walker had paid for an abortion by a first woman in a report by The Daily Beast

While the first woman was originally anonymous, she later was revealed to be a woman that Walker had a child with. Amid Walker’s campaign, it has been reported that the former football star has fathered a 10-year-old son (with the first accuser) and two more children, besides his oldest son Christianwhom he shares with his ex-wife. Walker came under much criticism after speaking out against absent fathers throughout his campaign.  The first woman called out Walker in an interview with The New York Times. “As a father, he’s done nothing. He does exactly what the courts say, and that’s it,” she told the outlet.

Walker has had a strict anti-abortion stance throughout his campaign. (John Bazemore/AP/Shutterstock)

Walker has been outspoken about his support for abortion bans, and when asked about if he’d paid for the abortion by NBC News, he said that he didn’t “know anything about that.” The woman said that she was “appalled” to hear the candidate’s anti-abortion stance, in the Times interview. “The fact that I had a choice — now he’s in the public trying to say he wants to put a ban on abortion completely,” she said.

Since the first woman’s accusations came out, Walker’s son Christian, who is also a prominent conservative influencer has publicly called out his dad and distanced himself from the campaign. He tweeted that he wanted his father to stop “making a mockery” of him and his mom. “You’re not a ‘family man’ when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence,” he wrote in the thread. “I don’t care about someone who has a bad past and takes accountability. But how DARE YOU LIE and act as though you’re some ‘moral, Christian, upright man.’ You’ve lived a life of DESTROYING other peoples lives. How dare you.”