The LadyGang Brings Together ‘Beautiful Community’ & Shares Their Wild Secrets In New Book & Tour

The LadyGang has brought their massive community of women together to share their deepest, darkest secrets in their new book, 'Lady Secrets.'

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Image Credit: Claire Leahy

You may know them as Keltie Knight, Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin, or possibly as ‘The Kardashians of Podcasting,’ or maybe The LadyGang. The beloved trio is back with their second book, Lady Secrets: Real, Raw & Ridiculous Confessions of Womanhood, and a full-blown tour (with a bus!) to go along with it. “When we wrote our first book, Act Like A Lady, there was a big master plan when it came to promoting, we were going to go on tour and it was going to be our big rockstar moment… Obviously, that didn’t happen,” Jac explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife, revealing their plans for promo were derailed due to the pandemic. “When we got the opportunity to write the second book, we knew that we had stories that we didn’t get to share in the first book, and plus the idea of having our entire LadyGang come in and be a part of this project was something that we wanted to do…so turning it into part of what the ladies secrets book is was just so natural. We didn’t even have to have a brainstorm of what it would be, it was just meant to be what this book is now.”

Jac, Keltie and Becca called on their loyal listeners and fans to submit their secrets, anonymously, as they built their second book, which was an extension of a small chapter in their first. “We’ve always been very candid and open about sharing our struggles, sharing our triumphs, sharing our secrets within The LadyGang to make other women feel less alone,” Becca continued, “This beautiful community of women came together during the pandemic, so the three of us decided this is what the second book is — it’s this community of women, collectively putting together all of our secrets, all of our fears, all of our passions in one place. It’s a different game than it was in 2020. That’s for sure.”

‘Lady Secrets’ book cover. (Courtesy of Rodale Books)

Keltie added that the ladies found their audience “resonated” and felt “less alone” when the trio shared their own stories. “We collected over 30 essays between the three of us and they range from body issues, grief, my time on The Bachelor, Becca just had a baby, infertility, accidentally dating Josh Duhamel...” the host revealed. “Then, to add in, we gave our female listeners the opportunity to share their secrets. We had over 10,000 secrets submitted and so we sorted through them all, the best of the best have made it!”

The ladies admitted that some of the secrets shared were beyond their wildest imagination! “We have a woman who wrote in that at night before she falls asleep, she fantasizes about when her husband dies, because she knows what would be a great backstory when she applies to be on The Bachelor!” Keltie described.

Becca Tobin, Jac Vanek, Keltie Knight of ‘The LadyGang.’ (Claire Leahy)

In addition to Lady Secrets, The LadyGang is out on tour and it’s an interactive evening for all attending, to say the least! “We’re opening the show with a sit down chair dance,” Keltie told HL, while Jac and Becca shook their heads and laughed. They also dished on the run of show, which includes ‘Good Week, Bad Week,’ one of their most popular podcast sections, and an anatomy lesson of female body parts for the men in the audience (and some women, I guess?) Be sure to check out their website for all the upcoming dates!

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