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‘Turner & Hooch’s Becca Tobin Teases A ‘Love Triangle’ Ahead & Gushes Over The Mini ‘Glee’ Reunion

The one and only Brooke has arrived! HollywoodLife got EXCLUSIVE scoop from Becca Tobin about the status of Brooke and Scott's future, how 'Turner & Hooch' sparked a 'Glee' reunion, and more.

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Becca Tobin
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The mysterious Brooke from Scott’s past has finally made her appearance on Disney+’s Turner & Hooch, and it’s clear their romance may be rising to the surface again. Brooke may have accidentally skipped out on their date, but she apologized and helped Scott with Hooch. Could these two be rekindling what they once had?

HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Becca Tobin about how Brooke is “tempted” to revisit the past with Scott. Get ready for a full-blown love triangle with Brooke, Scott, and Erica. Becca also talked about reuniting onscreen with Glee co-star Vanessa Lengies and more. Read our full Q&A below:

Becca Tobin
Becca Tobin on ‘Turner & Hooch.’ (Disney+)

The last episode ended with Brooke and Scott giving Hooch a bath. There’s definitely something still there between Brooke and Scott. Do you think Brooke is ready to see if there’s something more?
Becca Tobin: I think we’ve all kind of had that relationship, or at least I have, it’s probably your first love. You’ll always keep a little place for that person in your heart. If you run back into each other later in life, I think every single person, including Brooke, is tempted to feel that nostalgia again and be reminded of what it was like to have young love. I think being with Scott, she feels like her old self. She’s very driven and very ambitious and works very hard, but being around him she feels a little bit more youthful and free and fun-loving. I think she’s tempted.

Obviously, the most important relationship anyone can have on the show is with Hooch. What is Brooke and Hooch’s dynamic going to be like going forward? 
Becca Tobin: I think with Brooke you can kind of tell leading up to this moment, she’s not an overly mushy-gushy animal lover. She doesn’t dislike him, but she’s one of those people who has a one-track mind. I don’t think she’s going to rolling around in the park with him throwing tennis balls.

For you, what was it like having a dog as a co-star? 
Becca Tobin: I mean, I’m a complete psychopath. I am so far from normal when it comes to dogs. It got to a point where the trainers of all the dogs, because there were several dogs that played Hooch, would come on the set and if it was a day that I was working with the dog, they knew that I wanted to play with the dog, take pictures with the dog, watch the dog, work on its tricks. I have so many videos from sitting waiting for a setup and watching the trainers train the dog just for me, for my enjoyment, because they knew that I was the greatest audience this dog has ever had. They’re amazing creatures and so smart. They just bring so much joy onto the set.

Becca Tobin
Becca stars as Brooke in the Disney+ series. (Photographer: Natalie Hoselton)

While Brooke and Scott are giving Hooch a bath, he gets a phone call from Erica. I feel like we’re setting up a love triangle here. Do you think Brooke would approve of a relationship between Erica and Scott?
Becca Tobin: Definitely not. I think that bathtub with Hooch scene was setting us up for, even if she doesn’t want to be with Scott, she has feelings for Scott. It’s very clear. She showed up at his door, felt terrible about not being able to make it on their date, so this is a setup of a love triangle. Even my parents called me at the end of this episode and were like, ‘We’re so upset for Erica.’ So you know they’re doing a great job with the show if my parents aren’t even rooting for me in this love triangle. I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Brooke. I’ll say that.

Erica is played by Vanessa Lengies. You both were on Glee together. How did you both realize you were going to be on the same show again? 
Becca Tobin: Vanessa auditioned for the role way before I did, and then COVID kind of put a pause in the casting and the production of the show. I came in several months later to audition for the role of Brooke. They’ll send you a breakdown of who’s been cast already and who was directing and all the information. I just was scanning through the email and saw her name. I just couldn’t believe it. We stayed in touch a lot over the years, but I had no idea that she was doing this project. She’s not somebody who likes to brag on social media, like myself, so she didn’t post about getting this job. I called her immediately and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m auditioning for this job.’ We were just so excited because we get along so well. She’s a very, very good friend of mine, and I know she put in a good word for me, which was really, really nice before my chemistry test with Josh [Peck]. If I could have chosen someone to work with from previous jobs she’s definitely one of the top three people that I enjoyed working with, so it was amazing.

Josh Peck has evolved so much since his child star days. What was it like working on something with him that was a bit of a different flex for him? 
Becca Tobin: I cannot say it enough: he was the most incredible lead of the show. First of all, his performance, in general, is really wonderful. Everybody’s being able to see all those different sides to him and how talented he is as an actor. He’s very charming and so charismatic. He kind of brings a lot of that Tom Hanks energy into this role. It’s like the reason that all of America’s madly in love with Tom Hanks. It’s the same stuff that Josh embodies, but more than that, he worked really, really, really hard. The hours were insane. There were a lot of action scenes. There was a lot of stuff with dogs. We were in the middle of COVID, so the protocols were so intense, but never ever did he complain, did he not have a smile on his face. I can’t believe that this type of person exists in this industry, truly. He’s just so gracious and makes everybody feel so amazing on set. We had a screening of the episode at Matt Nix’s house, the executive producer, the night the show premiered. Matt Nix got up and kind of gave speeches about the process of the show and about everybody in the cast. He said that at the end of the season they give a round of applause to everybody who’s wrapping the season. The crew was there and he said that with this crew it was the first time they’ve ever given a standing ovation to the lead of a TV show. These guys have been doing this for decades with all types of actors, all types of projects, but the crew told our executive producer that this was definitely the biggest round of applause for any lead actor in a series they’d ever worked with.

Josh Peck
Josh Peck stars as Scott Turner. (Disney+)

I have to bring this up. There is a TikTok trend going around about what the Glee characters would sing today. Is there any recent song you know Kitty would have performed if Glee was still on?
Becca Tobin: Well, all I ever wanted was for Kitty to sing country music, so I feel like Miranda Lambert she would have really crushed.

Or Kacey Musgraves. That would have been great.
Becca Tobin: Yes, definitely some Kacey Musgraves. I feel like she would have been a really good country music star.