‘Baywatch’ Babe Donna D’Errico, 54, Models Sexy Lingerie After Bikini Photos Spark Backlash

'If this one gets deleted, I really don’t know what to say,' Donna D'Errico wrote in her latest caption after internet trolls influenced Instagram to remove her recent sexy pics.

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Donna D'Errico Baywatch
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Donna D’Errico, who appeared in Baywatch and Baywatch Nights between 1996 and 1998, is proud of her body and won’t let the haters stop her from showing it off. The actress, 54, took to Instagram on Aug. 17 in some sexy light pink lingerie to show off her voluptuous behind and let trolls have a piece of her mind after they got her previous Instagram post removed from the site. “So IG removed my other post because too many Karens were complaining about it saying my caption was indicating that I was soliciting prostitution. Yes, that’s what the complaint was and why it got removed,” she began in her heated post, in which she posed seductively in an arched doorway. “I’m actually trying not to laugh right now. I’m trying again with a new photo showing something the Karens may kiss. Below is the caption I had with my original post. If this one gets deleted, I really don’t know what to say.”

The original caption, which went along with the photos that got deleted, talked about how confident Donna feels in lingerie. “I love wearing sexy lingerie. I don’t have a man to wear it for though and I can’t exactly sit around my house alone randomly wearing it,” the 9-1-1 actress had written. “So I’m having fun right now and I feel sexy as hell. Men are complimenting me and I’m eating it up. Let me live. When I’m 80 I’m going to look back and be so happy I did this while I was hot.”

The post came after the sexy star announced she created an OnlyFans account to make money off her gorgeous physique. “I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously. This post may upset some people. I don’t care,” she wrote at the top of her announcement post, which showed off a sultry image of her sitting on a toilet in a blue bodysuit.

She then spoke about the unfair double standard between posting a sexually fueled photo on social media versus OnlyFans. “All these celebs posting nude and topless pics of themselves here on IG and Twitter all the time covering their important bits with their hands. Boom, thousands of likes & comments talking about body positivity and confidence and empowerment and you go girl! Hot!” she explained. “But take that same photo of that same celeb and put it on OF where she can control who sees it and now she’s gross and hard up. People kill me.” She added, “‘That site’ is a social media platform pretty similar to the rest with a few big differences. No censorship, and no bullying/haters. I’m in.”

Donna is used to being bullied on the internet for her sexy bikini photos. In July, she shared pictures of herself posing in a white two-piece in response to the backlash she received for posting herself singing “God Bless The U.S.A.” to the camera while donning an American flag-printed two-piece on Independence Day. “Quite a few women complained about the 4th of July video I posted in a red white & blue bikini because they thought I was ‘classier than that’ and ‘too old to wear a bikini’ and, my favorite, ‘desperate’,” she recalled in the caption. “Let me tell you something that might surprise you. I can actually wear and do literally whatever I want. On that note, here is me in a bikini squatting on a coffee table.”

Donna joined OnlyFans just two months after actress Denise Richards, 51, and her 18-year-old daughter, Sami Sheen, joined. You tell ’em, Donna!