Paris Hilton Says She’s Heard Britney Spears & Elton John’s New Song & It’s ‘Amazing’

Paris Hilton sang Britney Spears and Elton John's highly anticipated collaboration praises in a new interview. Watch her reaction to the song here!

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Britney Spears has a friend and a fan in Paris Hilton! The 41-year-old newlywed has listened to Britney’s upcoming collaboration with Sir Elton John, 75, and she revealed it’s going to be a hit. “It’s gonna be iconic,” she told reporter Paul Barewijk for his show, Paul Voor Je Neus. “I just heard it a couple days ago in Ibiza and it is, it’s insane.”

Despite the exciting statement, there is some confusion regarding whether Paris actually heard the song or not. Entertainment Tonight reported that the entrepreneur and reality star “has not heard the song but heard that it’s going to be amazing” and that “during the interview, she was running to the stage and was about to perform and accidentally misspoke.” Considering Paris is a successful DJ, she certainly knows a good track when she hears one, so we will just have to wait and see what she says when the song is released!

While Paris’ thoughts are up in the air, there’s no question about Britney, 40, teaming up with the “Rocket Man” hitmaker. HollywoodLife confirmed in late July that Britney and Elton were working on a special rendition of Elton’s 1971 hit, “Tiny Dancer”. A person close to Britney told HL EXCLUSIVELY that Britney is “the best she has ever sounded” on the track and that the collaboration was Elton’s idea. “For the past several years, Elton has watched closely what Britney has been going through and he feels deeply for her. Elton knows what it is like to come back from being absent in work and how hard of a life it can be to be a superstar sometimes. He has always admired Britney as an artist because she has an originality that he really respects,” they added.

The recording will mark Britney’s return to music after a six-year hiatus, as her last released album was 2016’s Glory. And while she is dipping her toes back in the recording studio, Britney is taking her musical comeback slowly.  “Although she loved being back in the studio, she isn’t jumping headfirst into a full-fledged music career just yet,” a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on July 25. “She wants to see how everyone reacts to this song before moving forward with more.”

Britney gave fans an unexpected musical treat in mid-July when she belted an edgier version of her iconic 1998 hit “…Baby One More Time” in an Instagram video. She sang the song a capella in a lower register, which is a far different experience Britney has ever given fans, as her music is usually light and poppy and she usually sings in a higher pitch. Along with the video, she revealed to fans that she pleaded with her management for years to allow her to come out with a new version of “Baby”, only to be turned down again and again.

Hopefully, Britney’s slow but steady return to music is everything she wants and more, and she can release more Britney-approved tunes!

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