Amber Heard Admits She Didn’t Seek Medical Care After Alleged Fight With Johnny Depp

During the cross-examination, the 'Aquaman' actress said she only consulted with her therapist after an alleged physical incident with her ex-husband.

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Amber Heard revealed that she didn’t seek medical treatment after a fight that turned physical in March 2013 as she was cross-examined by her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s lawyer on Monday, May 16. Johnny’s lawyers pressed the 36-year-old actress about a time that Amber alleged that the Pirates of the Caribbean star, 58, hit her multiple times. After asking if there were medical records after the incident, Amber responded, “I did not seek medical treatment at this time.”

Johnny’s lawyer asked the Aquaman actress about the alleged incidents. She asked about Johnny wearing large rings during the physical altercations. Amber recalled that she “pretty much always knew [Johnny] to wear rings.” The lawyer showed photos of Amber, and asked if there were injuries visible on her face, to which she responded that the picture didn’t show them. When asked further, she said she didn’t “need” to go to the doctor. “I did not seek medical attention other than my therapist,” she said before the lawyer moved on to a different incident.

Another time that the attorneys questioned her on allegedly occured after the 2014 Met Gala. Amber had alleged that Johnny hit her in the nose. She said that she thought that she had broken her nose. She also said that she didn’t seek medical attention after the Met Gala.

Amber’s cross examination in the defamation trial began on Monday. (Shutterstock)

Later Johnny’s lawyers also questioned her about an incident in Australia where Johnny allegedly sexually assaulted her. When the lawyer pointed out that she hadn’t produced medical record, Amber again said she didn’t seek professional help. “I did not seek medical treatment after Australia,” she said. As the attorney pressed her further, she explained, “I did not want to tell anyone.” She also said that she “didn’t need to” get treatment for injuries to her face.

When looking at a medical record from a days after an alleged physical fight in December 2015, Amber called the record “partial” and said that she “didn’t get into [her] injuries,” and she asked if she should get a scan done for a concussion. Amber said that she thought the record was “missing a lot of things.”

The cross-examination began on Monday after the $50 million defamation trial between Johnny and Amber took a week-long recess. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is suing his ex-wife after she penned an op-ed for The Washington Post, which Johnny has claimed has damaged his reputation and cost him lucrative film deals.

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