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How Kourtney Kardashian Feels About Travis Barker & Scott Disick’s Cordial Relationship

Sources close to the Kardashians revealed that Kourtney is happy to see her fiancé and the father of her children getting along well!

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Sometimes it’s best to just put differences aside! Kourtney Kardashian, 42, has been happy to see her fiancé Travis Barker46, and ex Scott Disick38, develop a friendship after some rocky introductions. The two even were both seen attending Scott’s son Reign’s baseball game. Sources close to the Kardashians revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the Poosh founder has been glad to see the two men “get along” and form a relationship “for the sake of the kids.”

One source admitted that even though there’s been some drama, her ex and fiancé having a cordial relationship is all she “ever wanted” for her family. “She really tries to disassociate herself from the drama and avoid as much as she can whenever possible. But Kourtney and Scott have come a long way from where they were when she and Travis first got engaged. Plus, this isn’t the first time Scott and Travis have hung out,” the source said.

Kourtney has been happy to see Travis and Scott begin a friendship. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Given how much Kourtney and Travis have worked to become a part of each other’s families, the source explained that the two have interacted much more than at Reign’s game, and Kourtney’s been happy to see how far they’ve come. “They’ve both been at a few family functions at this point and that’s going to be more and more frequent as time passes on. Kourtney knows that Scott sees Travis isn’t going anywhere, and that he only wants the best for Kourtney and the kids. Kourtney has always hoped for a good relationship between Travis and Scott so she’s thankful to see that Scott can put his differences aside for the sake of the kids,” they said.

Another source revealed that the Kardashians are “proud” that Scott has tried to work through his feelings, even if it isn’t necessarily what he wanted to happen. “The fact that he is showing up and is open to developing a relationship with Travis is so important to Kourtney and to their kids,” they said. “The kids do not need any drama, nor do they need to be caught in the middle. ”

Scott is looking to put his differences aside for the sake of the kids. (Broadimage/Shutterstock)

The source also explained that Scott treating Travis like part of the family was a recent development, even if they’d been to many of the same functions. “It will be interesting to see how their friendship develops further, but this is definitely a step in the right direction for everyone,” the source explained.