Chaney Jones Says Kanye West ‘Doesn’t Speak About’ Kim Kardashian & Laughs Off Comparisons

Chaney Jones revealed that although her rumored beau Kanye West is talking about his ex Kim Kardashian on social media, he hasn't been making it a topic of conversation with her, when she was spotted at LAX.

Kanye West, Chaney Jones, Kim Kardashian
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Chaney Jones recently took a moment to speak to paparazzi at LAX in Los Angeles, CA on answered hot topic questions about her rumored new boyfriend Kanye West, 44, and his ex Kim Kardashian. The Kim look-alike revealed that the rapper “doesn’t speak about” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to her even though he’s made it a habit to do on social media and in interviews. “We don’t speak about her,” she said to a pap with a laugh, when asked about the reality star in a video shared by TMZ.

When Chaney, who was wearing a black tank top and light blue medical style face mask, was further asked if she thinks Kanye should stop taking to social media to “attack” Kim, Chaney admitted she’s not commenting because it’s “none of” her “business” and she thinks the pap “should talk to him about that” because she doesn’t want “to speak on that.” After then being asked about whether or not she’s “worried” about Kanye and “his mental health,” Chaney chose to just walk away.

Kanye West, Chaney Jones
Kanye West and Chaney Jones during a previous outing. (MEGA)

The comments didn’t stop there, though. Chaney was also asked what she thinks when people compare her to Kim. “I don’t really want to speak on that,” she said with a laugh before revealing she doesn’t see the similarities. “No, not really,” she said.

Chaney’s comment-filled outing comes after she’s been spotted out and about with Kanye on several occasions over the past few weeks. Her choice of fashion, including sunglasses, and her long dark hair, have caused many headlines and social media users compare her to Kim but she’s never confirmed that she’s trying to look like the socialite in any way. She’s also taken to social media in the past to says she is her own woman with her own interests.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian wearing a similar outfit to one of Chaney Jones’ recent outfits. (Laurent VU/SIPA/Shutterstock)

When Chaney’s not commenting on Kanye or Kim, she’s opening up about her plastic surgery. The student took to Instagram to admit she’s gotten a Brazilian Butt Lift in the past and shared a photo of herself before she had the enhancement done. “I think I was 20 here. This was before my BBL,” the caption on the photo read. “Same face, same nose lol I’ve never been in denial about surgery and to answer everyone’s questions yes I had a BBL but I’ve always been thick before surgery.”

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