‘Siesta Key’: Juliette Admits It’s ‘Awkward’ When She Sees Kelsey — ‘There’s Tension’

Even though Kelsey Owens and Juliette Porter made amends and agreed to eventually talk things out during the last 'Siesta Key' reunion, things are still tense between the former besties.

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Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens got to an amicable place by the end of season 4a of Siesta Key, but they’re far from being besties again. “Coming into this season, Kelsey doesn’t want to be around me at all,” Juliette told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY ahead of the show’s season 4b premiere. “She doesn’t feel like I gave her the apology that she wanted. I get to the point where it’s just like…I can’t keep dwelling on the past like this. It’s something I feel like was almost a closure she needed to have with herself. I can’t mend that for her. I can’t help you if it’s been a year and you cant get over it.”

Things started falling apart for Juliette and Kelsey at the end of season 3 of Siesta Key, and they escalated when the group took a trip to a private island for season 4a. Although the ladies started the trip by keeping their distance from each other, their feud got heated during a party one night. Juliette wound up hitting Kelsey in the face and left the trip early.

juliette porter
Juliette Porter for ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

At the season 4a reunion, both ladies agreed that they wanted to try and start making amends. However, Juliette said that they’re still not in the best place. “There’s not really much of a friendship now,” she admitted. “I see her and we say hi, we’re in the same friend group sometimes. But it’s always awkward when I see her. I literally never feel comfortable. There’s always tension. I feel like every time I’m with her she just looks miserable.”

kelsey owens
Kelsey Owens for ‘Siesta Key.’ (MTV)

Juliette and Kelsey started out on Siesta Key as enemies when Juliette thought that Kelsey was making moves on her then-boyfriend, Alex Kompethecras. However, they eventually started spending more time together and grew super close. During season three, they even moved in together with another friend. When Kelsey told Juliette’s then-boyfriend, Sam Logan, that she thought Juliette was in a relationship with him for the wrong reasons, though, it was the beginning of the end. On top of that, both women started swimwear lines around the same time, leading to even more tension.