‘Siesta Key’ Preview: Juliette Accuses Kelsey Of Being ‘Jealous’ Of Her — She ‘Crossed The Line’

This EXCLUSIVE sneak peek from the season 4 premiere of 'Siesta Key' proves that things are far from perfect between former BFFs, Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens!

Tensions are high between Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens on season 4 of Siesta Key. Ahead of the show’s May 12 premiere, HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the upcoming episode, which shows Juliette venting to her boyfriend, Sam Logan, about Kelsey. “This time last year I was living with Kelsey,” Juliette says in the preview. “I was with her every day.”

In a confessional, she recaps what went down between her and Kelsey last season, which ended with the girls having a major falling out. “Kelsey and I were best friends last year,” Juliette explains. “She was my ride or die and I trusted her completely. Then, she turned on me. First, she was jealous that I started a bikini line because I guess she wanted one, as well. And, whatever — we could’ve gotten through that. But then, she really crossed the line. It was the ultimate betrayal.”

juliette porter kelsey owens
Juliette Porter and Kelsey Owens for ‘Siesta Key’. (MTV)

Of course, Juliette is referring to Kelsey questioning whether or not she was dating Sam for the right reasons….or if she was just with him for his money. During season three, Kelsey brought her concerns to various members of the group, as well as to Juliette herself. Juliette was, obviously, offended by the accusations. During the cast reunion in summer 2020, Kelsey said she was hoping to get their friendship back on track, but it certainly doesn’t seem like that worked.

“I feel like [Kelsey] was just really jealous of me,” Juliette says in the season 4 premiere preview. “Not trying to sound like a b****, but that’s the way I really feel about it.” Clearly, the drama between these two is going to be a focal point of the upcoming episodes. A trailer for the season even shows them fighting, and Juliette flat-out refers to Kelsey as her “enemy.”

siesta key season 4
The cast of ‘Siesta Key’ season 4. (MTV)

A press release for season 4 also reveals that Juliette will be “launching her new luxury business and has found her billionaire prince charming, Sam, but before she can live happily ever after, she’ll have to stand on her own two feet and not let her ex-bestie Kelsey get the best of her.” As for Kelsey, she’ll be, “working overtime to have it all. With a new condo, a new business venture and a new love interest, there’s nothing she wants…except Juliette’s respect.” Siesta Key premieres on May 12 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV.

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