Jared Leto Reveals Why He Didn’t Show Up For ‘My So-Called Life’ Reunion

Where was Jordan Catalano? Jared Leto claims he has 'no idea' why he didn't attend the 'My So-Called Life' reunion that happened in 2020 over Zoom.

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Back in April 2020, right after the pandemic hit, Jared Leto was noticeably absent when the cast of the coming-of-age ’90s series My So-Called Life reunited virtually after 26 years. In a new interview with Variety, Jared, who played teen heartthrob Jordan Catalano, said he had “no idea” why he wasn’t there for the reunion. “I hope everyone had a good time without me,” he mysteriously stated.

When asked if he was invited, he said, “I’m sure I was. I would’ve hoped. Maybe I wasn’t. No, I’m sure I was. What a crazy time we’re in. Not everyone’s able to make everything.”

Jared Leto
Jared Leto at the Critic’s Choice Awards (Shutterstock).

My So-Called Life ended in January 1995 after only one season, but its stars, Jared and Claire Danes, went on to became major players in Hollywood, receiving numerous accolades and critical acclaim. Still, fans of the short-lived show wanted a full reunion with all cast members involved, despite their now-A-list status.

When Wilson Cruz, 46, who played Rickie Vasquez on the show, shared a screenshot on Twitter from the cast’s Zoom call reunion, fans definitely noticed Jared’s absence. A number of fans took to the comments of the tweet, sharing how excited they were to see the cast reunited, but also noting how predictable it was for Jared to not make an appearance. “Beautiful! And classic Jordan Catalano move to skip the reunion,” one fan tweeted. Another fan asked, “Where is Jordan Catalano?” To which one Twitter user threw some shade at Jared, saying he was off “running his cult.”

My So-Called Life
The cast of ‘My So-Called Life’ (Everett).

Although the WeCrashed star didn’t disclose in his Variety interview exactly what occurred around the reunion, he was notably traversing the desert at the time global news exploded about the COVID-19 outbreak, so perhaps he was simply MIA when the former cast made the call to reunite. Perhaps we’ll never no, but as fans noted in their comments, being low-key and mysterious is so Jordan Catalano!

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