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Kim K Admits Kanye West Divorce Has Been ‘Hard’: ‘He Told Me My Career Was Over’

Oh, there will be plenty of Kanye West drama in the upcoming 'Kardashians' series for Hulu, including a moment where Ye told Kim Kardashian that her 'career' was as done as their marriage.

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“It’s really hard, with Kanye [West],” Kim Kardashian says in one of the biggest understatements of the year. Kim, 41, teased her divorce drama in the trailer for The Kardashians, the family’s upcoming reality television series for Hulu. While it’s unclear how much Ye, 44, will appear on-screen during the series, it’s evident that the drama of his and Kim’s divorce will be in the spotlight. During one moment in The Kardashians trailer, Kim tells Kourtney Kardashian of something shocking Ye said to his estranged wife. “He told me that my career is over,” reveals Kim.

In the next scene, Khloé Kardashian speaks during a KarJenner meeting, with Kim, Kourt, and Kylie Jenner all sitting together. “Why are we always making excuses for the people that traumatize us?” asks Khloé, 37, whose own relationship troubles with Tristan Thompson will be featured on the show. In a later scene, Kim speaks on the phone, making threats to an unknown listener. “We have all the time and all of the resources to burn them all to the f-cking ground.”


It’s unclear what or who Kim wants to “burn to the f-cking ground,” but her current situation with Ye could be accurately described as “one big dumpster fire.” In the weekend before the release of The Kardashians trailer, Kanye went on a social media rampage against Kim, Pete Davidson, and D.L. Hughley. Ye first went after D.L. (“God does not like you. You have no favor. Your family hates you. I would hate to be related to somebody who used to be famous”) after the comedian called out Ye for “stalking” his ex-wife. Then, Ye turned his attention to Kim and Pete.

“I just got off the phone with Kim. I told her to stop antagonizing me with [North West having a TikTok account] thing. I told her never again,” Ye said in a now-deleted Instagram video. “I said I’m not allowing my daughter to be used by TikTok, to be used by Disney. I have a say-so.” Ye aired out some dirty laundry regarding their child custody arrangement, saying, “There’s no reason why these young children upon their father’s request shouldn’t be allowed to come to Sunday Service. At this point, it’s gone too far.”


After those claims, Ye accused Pete, 28, of “text[ing] me, antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife.” Pete’s friend – Saturday Night Live and The King of Staten Island writer Dave Sirus – then posted screenshots that allegedly showed Pete’s conversation with Ye. Pete reportedly said that he wasn’t going to “let [Ye] treat us this way anymore,” that he was indeed “in bed with your wife,” and that if Ye “wanna stop being a little internet b-tch boy and talk,” Pete was in L.A. for the day. Pete reportedly invited Ye to have a “one-on-one” chat with Ye at the Beverly Hills Hilton, but Ye said he’d rather talk with Pete at Sunday Service.