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Kanye West Compares Divorce To ‘Full Blown COVID’ After Kim Kardashian’s Declared Single

The rapper opened up about how hurt he is with a list of feelings, after his estranged wife was named legally single in court.

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Kanye West, 44, bared his emotions about his and Kim Kardashian’divorce in a new Instagram post on Friday March 4, where he listed all the things that divorce feels like. Of the many comparisons, Kanye first likened the heartbreak of going through divorce to “full blown COVID.” The rapper’s long list of comparisons included an array of metaphors, ranging from super specific to more generalized.

Kanye’s first divorce comparison was to COVID, but it was far from the only medical metaphor that the Donda rapper had up his sleeve. “Divorce feels like your doctor don’t know s**t,” he wrote. “Divorce feels like grandma never got over that cold.” Some of his comparisons even sounded like symptoms of a severe case of COVID. “Divorce feels like heavy breathing. Divorce feels like suffocating. Barely breathing,” he wrote.

Some of Kanye’s other comparisons were more typical to anyone who’s gone through a bad breakup. He also likened the feelings to being “broken in a thousand pieces” and as if your “soul was dragged over coals.” Towards the end of the list, Kanye broke with the form for an impassioned list of emotions. “Divorce feels like you gave everyone away and you don’t have the right to have anything to say. Who are you to have an opinion on your own life. You are not you anymore. You’re what’s left of you,” he wrote, before quoting Michael Jackson’“Wanna Be Starting Something” and making a strange comparison to Bill Cosby‘s show The Cosby Show. “You’re a vegetable. You’re the real Cosby. Not a Huxtable.”

Kanye publicly ruminated on his feelings of divorce from Kim. (Shutterstock)

Kanye clearly hasn’t been happy about the divorce from Kim, 41,  and he’s been vocal about his anger that she’s started dating comedian Pete Davidson28. The rapper recently showed his distaste for the comic with a disturbing new music video for his song “Eazy,” where he showed himself decapitating the SNL star and burying him.

Kanye posted the lengthy list of things that divorce feels like on his Instagram. (Splashnews)

Kanye’s Instagram post came after Kim was declared legally single on Wednesday March 2. After the new legal status, Kim also dropped “West” from her last name, and she followed the decision by also dropping her ex’s name from her Instagram. During the divorce hearings, Kim spoke about her and Kanye’s four kids’ wellbeing in court, saying that the kids were “okay.”