Why Fans Thinks Aaron Rodgers Hinted At Shailene Woodley Split Days Before Breakup Report

Dropping hints? Did the MVP reveal he was single with a cryptic social media message days ahead of the breakup news?

News Aaron Rodgers, 38, and Shailene Woodley’s engagement had been called off emerged on Feb. 16, signaling the end of the couple’s whirlwind, nearly two year’s relationship. And while the split was a surprise to many, some eagle-eyed fans of the quarterback think he actually hinted at the breakup days before. Aaron enthusiasts took another look at his Feb. 11 Instagram post, where he mentioned the “highs and lows” that happened “on and off the field” this past year.

The thank-you included no mention of the Big Little Lies actress. “Extremely grateful for my life,” he wrote. “17 years worth of incredible memories and lifelong friendships forged because of this game. I’m thankful for all the highs and lows this year and the growth opportunities on and off the field. Thank you for all the love and support.”

This comes after insiders were able to reveal what led to Aaron and Shailene split to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. It seems the Green Bay Packers star’s dedication to his game — and drama surrounding his COVID vaccination status — got in the way of the relationship. Our source revealed, “This year with all the drama that Aaron put on the Green Bay Packers with trade demands and just being difficult with management really put Aaron’s focus on making it right. He wanted to get to and win the Super Bowl, he wanted to be the league’s MVP and that made his main focus his career.”

Aaron Rodgers, Shailene Woodley
Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley have split. The couple began dating during coronavirus lockdown but didn’t go public until Feb. 2021. (Poersch / BACKGRID)

They went on, “The person who didn’t get the focus was Shailene. She was doing her own thing for her career and just wanted more support from Aaron that just didn’t happen. She wanted to have him be more present and invested in her and the relationship and it didn’t happen. She thought she was taken for granted and it led to the [downfall of the] romance.”

Shailene and Aaron’s relationship made news in Feb. 2021 and not long after the sports star called her his “fiance” while accepting her 2021 MVP honor. The relationship reportedly began in the midst of coronavirus lockdown.

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