Kim Kardashian Feels ‘Stabbed In The Back’ By Travis Scott Over His Friendship With Kanye West

Amid the drama with her ex Kanye, Kim has been incredibly hurt that her sister Kylie Jenner's boyfriend is still close friends with him.

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Kim Kardashian41, feels betrayed by Travis Scott, 30, as he’s stayed close to Kanye West44, amid the “Runaway” rapper’s public drama with his ex. A source close to the Kardashians revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Kim was hurt to see her sister Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend stay close to Yeezy, as Kanye has publicly aired out his problems with Kim and their co-parenting relationship.

Travis had been seen with Kanye at a listening party event for his much-anticipated sequel to last year’s Donda album. The source revealed that Kim felt wronged given how she’d spoken out for Travis during backlash from his tragic Astroworld festival. “Kim is not at all happy that Travis is hanging out with Kanye. Kim went out of her way to support Travis publicly following the Astroworld incident and she feels that he has stabbed her in the back these past couple of weeks,” they said.

A source close to the Kardashians revealed that Kim felt hurt that Travis has continued his friendship with Kanye. (Shutterstock)

While Kim understands that the “Sicko Mode” rapper has had a long relationship with Kanye (and two have collaborated on a number of occasions), the two being out and about together “isn’t sitting well” with her. The source revealed that Kim spoke to Kylie about how she felt hurt seeing the two out together, as well as being bothered that he told Kanye where she was planning their daughter Chicago’s birthday party, but she doesn’t want to stir the pot much after Kylie gave birth to her second child. “Kim has not said anything to Travis directly because she does not want to blow things up more than they already are. She has spoken to her sisters and Kris about it and they all agree that it is just kind of messed up. She just thinks that, right now, Travis should be at home with his newborn son rather than out partying with Kanye,” the source said.

It seems like Kim isn’t the only one upset about Travis and Kanye spending time together. Another source close to the family revealed that Kylie has also apologized to Kim about her boyfriend being out with her ex. “To put it lightly, let’s just say that Kylie is less than thrilled that Travis is spending time with Kanye while Kim is dealing with all of this drama,” they said.

The source also said that Kim doesn’t have any hard feelings towards Kylie, but the Kylie Cosmetics founder does wish Travis avoided being seen with him for a while. “She wishes he would respect some boundaries and just lay low for a bit. The last thing Kylie needs right now is any stress while she’s still recovering from birth and busy taking care of a newborn,” the source said.