Party Planner Mindy Weiss Shares Top Celebrity Wedding Trends Of 2022

Ahead of the release of J.Lo's 'Marry Me', event planner Mindy Weiss gushed about her thoughts on the film, her secret to a successful marriage and celeb wedding friends for 2022!

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Image Credit: Dennis Kwan

Mindy Weiss is easily the biggest name in weddings and events, having planned soirées like the Kardashian Christmas party, nuptials for Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and many more. As wedding season approaches for 2022 — which will no doubt include some major A-Lister weddings like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker‘s — Mindy dished on some celebrity wedding trends she’s already starting to see!

“I find that celebrities want the same thing as any bride or groom, But for 2022, I’m seeing a major focus on guest experience. Instead of a full bar, for example, we are going to see something like a specialized tequila bar to make the cocktail hour fun and unique,” she said to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Another major ask? All things ’90s — no surprise given the fashion trends these days and throwback sound in music.

Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss. (Dennis Kwan)

“I’ve gotten so many requests to bring back 90s music. Everything is very 90s centric right now,” she explained. “Comfort food is also a trend that has not gone away in recent years. And now a big deal is serving dishes that the couple loves. It will appear on the menu as ‘John’s Favorite Salad,’ so the couple is actually personalizing the dishes to specific recipes they love and that have sentimental value,” she added.

COVID-19 has put a damper on wedding season since 2020, with changing rules leading to many postponed weddings — which Mindy acknowledged has been a challenge. “I recommend disclosing all your safety protocols in the invitation so your guests feel safe and nothing comes as a surprise on the day of the event,” she says to those planning a wedding in the coming months.

Clients — celebs and non-celebs — are taking a different approach to table décor, too. “Table decorations are becoming a lot more organic. Clients are requesting fruit on the table to be a part of their centerpieces,” she tells us. “I love using bright red apples, such as Envy Apples, because they have a beautiful color. We’re doing a wedding next week that has pears as part of the centerpiece. The beautiful thing about fruit is that guests can eat them or take them home.”

In conjunction with the film Marry Me starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, Mindy is also partnering with Envy for the Love at First Bite contest where where one couple will win a grand prize of receive $50,000 towards their dream wedding. Mindy hasn’t seen the film just yet, but revealed it’s part of her own Valentine’s Day plans with husband Robert David.

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson are seen in the new romantic comedy ‘Marry Me.’ (Barry Wetcher/Universal Pictures)

“My big plan for Valentine’s Day is to see Marry Me. Rom coms are my favorite movies. And I rewatch them 20 times when they start airing on TV,” she hilariously shares. “Watching love stories come to life is such a thrill!”

When it comes to making V-Day plans, however, it’s not just up to Robert: the two, who have been married for 28 years, make it a joint affair. “I’ve left [planning] to him several times and have been disappointed, so now we do the planning jointly. We typically do go see a rom com for Valentine’s Day as our big night out. But this year, we’ll probably stay in,” she teases.

The party planner extraordinaire also revealed her “secret” to a long lasting and happy marriage. “The secret is that in your first marriage you realize what doesn’t work, so by the second marriage you have it down and realize it’s forever,” she spilled to HL. “For my husband to put up with what I do and all the work stress I bring home, he is a true saint. But the other secret is respect. You need to have respect for each other,” she urged.

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