Peyton Manning Compares Tom Brady’s Reported Retirement To ‘Emily In Paris’ On ‘SNL’

Is he, or isn't he? While fans remain confused about Tom Brady's reported retirement, Peyton Manning popped up with his own explanation on 'SNL' where he admitted he binged 'Emily In Paris.'

Peyton Manning, 45, made an unexpected (but hilarious) appearance on Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update! During the bit, he addressed the biggest news of the day: Tom Brady‘s reported retirement that has been full of confusion. To recap, two ESPN reporters confirmed via sources that Brady, 44, was retiring after 22 years and seven Super Bowl wins — however, conflicting information later surfaced in the day, including an ambiguous statement from Tom’s agent, and another from his dad Tom Brady Sr. that Tom had “not made a final decision.”

Peyton Manning appeared on ‘SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ segment with Colin Jost and Michael Che to talk about Tom Brady’s reported retirement. (Will Heath/NBC)

Peyton had the perfect breakdown for the emotional rollercoaster, comparing Tom’s retirement to Netflix hit Emily in Paris starring Lily Collins. Before getting to the comparison, though, Peyton explained that he is actually a big fan of the show: “I put on the first episode of ‘Emily In Paris’ season two and I watched the entire season straight through. Oh my God, Colin, this show has everything — culture, romance, sensuality, a fresh take on feminism — finally! — and a culinary tapestry so rich, you could only describe it as food porn,” he declared to a confused Colin Jost.

As the Weekend Update host proceeded to ask him about Tom’s retirement, he went into a football chart diagram while continuing to use the Emily In Paris reference. “This is a classic showdown between Emily’s career and her love life,” he explained. “All in all, the O’s are being completely dominated by the X’s — and there are lots of ‘exes’ if you know what I mean…Gabrielle, Timothy, Doug from Chicago — obviously. Now, Emily wants to go deep on a relationship with Gabriel and get ahead at work. But as long as Kameed is blocking her, she’s gotta go through her depressions and check them out…it feels like a broken play, but emotionally, she’s making forward progress,” he said in reference to several of the love interests on the series. The best part of the bit? Peyton putting on a red beret!

If Tom is hanging up his helmet, it comes off an epic career that spanned 22 years and earned him an iconic seven Super Bowl wins. The sports icon most famously played for the New England Patriots since 2000, signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020.

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