Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra ‘Interested In A Family’ Amid Split Rumors: ‘They Aren’t Rushing’

Though Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas deal with the latest breakup rumors, HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned that 'all is well' – but don't expect them to be pushing a baby stroller anytime soon.

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It’s rough being Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. One month, fans talk about how you’re on the verge of a breakup, even as you celebrate your third marriage anniversary. The next, there’s pressure to have kids, even though you say you’re not “too busy to practice” making babies. Though Nick, 29, and Priyanka, 39, aren’t thrilled with the latest chatter, they know it’s all par for the course. “Nick and Priyanka know the drill about being in a Hollywood relationship,” a source close to the couple tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “and that everything they do will be speculated on and looked at in each and every way.”

“But when it comes to their relationship,” the source tells HollywoodLife, “they give each the attention it deserves. [Their relationship] is happy and healthy with so much love surrounding it.” Nick and Priyanka are still both “very interested in a future family together,” but presently, their focus is on their busy careers. Plus, “enjoying time with each other when they aren’t working is what works for them right now,” adds the insider. “They are on their own pace and aren’t going to be rushed or be pushed into a place where their fans want their relationship to go. All is well with Nick and Pri, and it is really nice to see.”


The rumor mill went into overdrive over a potential Nick/Priyanka split when The Matrix Resurrections actress reverted her social media handles back to @PriyankaChopra from @PriyankaChopraJonas in November. “Because of the noise of social media, because of the prevalence that it has in our lives, I think it seems a lot larger than it is,” she said to Vanity Fair when explaining her feelings on the split speculation, which she dubbed a “professional hazard.” She added, “I think that we give it a lot more credence in real life, and I don’t think it needs that.”


Priyanka also told Vanity Fair that kids are in the cards for her and Nick – just not now. “When it happens, it happens,” she said. “We’re blessed to have each other and have a full heart for the future, I say, and things are out of your control. And the foundation of a couple is strong, and you’re excited about the possibility of that.”

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