Billie Eilish Secretly Dyed Her Hair Red For A Week Before Going Back To Brunette — Before & After Photos

Billie Eilish 'went red for a week' before dying her back back to brunette in late November, and she's now sharing the sexy makeover with all of her fans.

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Between her transition from blonde to brunette, singer-songwriting Billie Eilish secretly dyed her hair red for “a week” in late November. The 20-year-old made the confession in her Instagram Story on Jan. 3, while sharing photos and videos from throughout 2021. Obviously, the makeover didn’t last too long, but we’re glad she’s now sharing it with the world.

“Took the blonde out and went red for a week”, Billie captioned an Instagram Story, which you can see below. She also revealed that the hair makeover went down on Nov. 22, so it appears that while Billie was surrounded by family on Thanksgiving, she was sporting a bright red ‘do, and we love it.

Publicly, Billie debuted her new dark hair in December, after rocking a platinum blonde color since March 2021. But it wasn’t until now that she shared the red color she took on in secrecy. The reveal came after Billie asked her fans to request specific dates in 2021 for her to share photos and memories from her phone’s photo album. When she was asked to share something from Nov. 22 — just days before Thanksgiving — Billie shared a video from the day she dyed her hair from blonde to red.

Then, when someone asked her to share a memory from Dec. 1, she revealed that it was the day she dyed her hair from red to brown — even though she didn’t debut the new darker ‘do on social media until Dec. 2. At the time, she captioned the Instagram reveal with: “Miss me?”

Billie first went blonde in March 2021, and it was a color she wanted to try for a while. “I’ve been wanting blonde for a while, I don’t know what came over me,” the pop star said in May during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I saw a fan-edit when I had green hair, it was me with whatever color hair I had, and they edited blonde hair on me and I was like ‘Ah! So sick, I want it!'”

It’s not yet clear why Billie went red for “a week”, but we hope she does it again sometime soon.


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