Devin Booker Wants To ‘Spend All His Time With’ Kendall Jenner During NBA Break: Their Romance Is ‘Special’

Devin Booker 'is going to take full advantage' of spending his basketball-free month with Kendall Jenner as they continue to enjoy the 'tremendous bond' they have together.

Devin Booker, 24, doesn’t go back on the court with the Phoenix Suns until training starts at the end of Sept. and he’s looking forward to spending his free time with Kendall Jenner, 25. The NBA star has already been seen on several recent outings with his girlfriend and sources say that’s not stopping anytime soon. “Devin had a long season in the NBA making the finals and then almost instantly headed into the Olympics,” one source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “With basketball, it has been taking much of his focus away from Kendall and now that he has about a month before he has to start up again, he is looking to spend all his time with her.”

“They have a tremendous bond and really get along through laughter and he knows he will see her through the season, but he is fully aware they both have busy careers that they must nurture,” the source continued. “So, this time with her is important and he is going to take full advantage of it while he has the time.”

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker
Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker hold hands during a previous outing. (BACKGRID)

Reuniting with Kendall seemed to be one of Devin’s main priorities after he won an Olympic gold medal with the U.S. basketball team at the Tokyo Olympics and returned to the states. He shared a post that featured a photo of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wearing his medal around her neck while sitting in a boat and enjoying a beverage.

“Things between Kendall and Devin have definitely progressed over the past few years, and they make a really cute couple,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY shared. “Kendall is so happy with Devin and she loves spending as much free time with him as possible. Kendall couldn’t be prouder of Devin‘s win and she thinks it’s so cool that both he and her dad [Caitlyn Jenner] are Olympic gold medal winners.”

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker have a ‘tremendous bond,’ according to one source. (BACKGRID)

Kendall has also been making sure that Devin, who she’s been dating for over a year, has been there with her during special events, like a recent event to celebrate her 818 tequila brand. “She feels so close with Devin and so it was important to her to bring him along for her 818 tequila event,” the insider added. “A lot of friends saw them flirting the whole time, and just playing around and having fun. Devin brings that out in Kendall and she’s definitely into him.”

Devin and Kendall overall just vibe really well,” a third source EXCLUSIVELY said. “She generally is a private person, but her relationship with him is so special to her that she wants to show him off. He brings out a playful side to her and she’s excited about that. They’re enjoying the time together while their schedules allow for it.”

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