Sophia Bush Reveals Why She’s ‘Not Allowed’ To Talk About Ex-Husband Chad Michael Murray

Don't bother asking Sophia Bush about Chad Michael Murray! The actress explained why she is 'not allowed' to talk about her ex-husband in a new interview.

sophia bush and chad michael murray
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Don’t ask Sophia Bush about her ex-husband Chad Michael Murray. The actress, 39, quickly shut down the conversation when asked about her former One Tree Hill co-star and partner, 39, while on Michael Rosenbaum’s Inside of You podcast on Tuesday, Aug. 10. But she had a pretty solid reason, revealing that she is “not allowed” to chat about her ex since her comments always get “twisted.”

The topic turned to Chad when the two discussed celebrity couples who first met on set — a phenomenon that Sophia called “wildly common” in Hollywood. “You realize that everyone you’ve ever met in this business has dated everyone else,” she said. “When you spend 100 hours a week on set and you don’t even get home for eight hours to sleep, like, yeah, I’m not surprised that every 20-year-old on a set has dated every other 20-year-old on a set.”

“We act like it’s not common and it’s wildly common,” Sophia continued. “Some of our favorite celebrity couples are people who married the fourth co-star they dated.” When Michael asked about Chad, Sophia responded that she is “not going to talk about him.” She explained, “I’m not allowed to because I’ve tried to poke fun at being a dumb kid and whenever I’ve done that, it gets twisted into I’m talking shit about somebody who I don’t even know anymore.”

“I think you have to, like, laugh at who you used to be, but when people ask me about history that involves someone else, it’s not worth my time,” Sophia continued. “It’s not a place where I harbor ill will or anything.” Sophia and Chad wed in 2005 but split about five months later. Chad married Sarah Roemer in 2015 and the duo share two children together, while Sophia is now engaged to longtime boyfriend Grant Hughes.

sophia bush and chad michael murray
Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray (Jim Smeal/BEI/Shutterstock)

Sophia’s comments presumably allude to some statements she made about the marriage while on Andy Cohen’s radio show in 2018, in which she revealed that she didn’t really want to marry her co-star. “It was not a thing I actually really wanted to do, but you know, it’s cool,” Sophia said at the time. “Ladies have to learn how to take up space in the way that men are taught they are entitled to.” When pressed on why she married Chad, she insinuated that she felt pressure to marry him.

“Because how do you let everybody down, and how do you — what’s the fight?” she said. “And when you have bosses telling you that you’re the only person who gets a person to work on time, and 200 people either get to see their kids at night or they don’t because our days start on time.” Chad, for his part, slammed the comments as “ludicrous” through his rep shortly after.

“This story is ludicrous. Chad conducts himself in a completely professional manner and would never marry for any reason but love,” his rep said. “Thirteen years since his divorce from Sophia, he has a very happy family life with his wife and children. He has completely moved on and doesn’t feel the need to engage in this type of behavior.”

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