Britney Spears’ Dad Jamie Claims Her Personal Conservator Called Her ‘Mentally Sick’ After Testifying In Court

The pop star’s dad claimed Jodi Montgomery was worried about the star’s mental health, and was responsible for having her sent to a treatment facility in 2019.

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In newly filed documents in Britney Spears’  conservatorship battle, Britney’s dad Jamie, 69, alleged that her personal conservator claimed that many things the 39-year-old pop star said in her heart-wrenching June 23 testimony “were not true.” He also claimed that Jodi Montgomery said Britney was “mentally sick” in a July 9 phone call. According to the August 6 documents obtained by HollywoodLife, Jamie also defended himself, after Britney’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart filed a petition to have him removed as her conservator as quickly as possible.

The new documents were filed by Jamie’s attorneys in the Los Angeles Superior Court. They were filed a day after Britney’s lawyer asked the judge in the case for an advanced hearing for the “Toxic” singer on August 23, rather than in September. The new filing from Jamie’s lawyers argued that, while he doesn’t object to a sooner hearing, Mathew’s efforts to remove Britney’s dad as her conservator are “simply without merit.” Mathew had filed paperwork to try to have Jamie replaced by CPA Jason Rubin as soon as possible.

Part of Jamie’s declaration referring to Jodi Montgomery. (Superior Court Of The State Of California)

In his personal declaration, Jamie responded to claims that having him removed from Britney’s conservatorship was integral to her mental health. In particular, he referred to Jodi’s claims in previously filed court documents that Jamie remaining Britney’s conservator was detrimental to her mental health. He explained that he hadn’t controlled Britney’s medical treatments and services since August 2018, when he hired Jodi to be her care manager. He claimed that Jodi had told him that the singer was “mentally sick,” after her June 23 testimony.

Jamie’s claims that he has not had control of Britney’s medical treatment. (Superior Court Of The State Of California)

Jamie claimed that he hired Jodi to be Britney’s case manager, when he had his own health problems to address. He alleged that Jodi and Britney’s former court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham were responsible for having Britney admitted to a mental health facility in April 2019. Britney referenced this in her June 23 court testimony. He claimed that the personal conservator has been the main person making medical decisions going  forward. “Ms. Montgomery has continued to have control of my daughter’s medical treatment and personal life ever since,” he said.

Jamie then claimed that Jodi has been concerned about Britney’s mental health. “Ms. Montgomery explained that my daughter was not timely or properly taking her medications, was not listening to the recommendations of her medical team, and refused to even see some of her doctors,” he said in his statement.

Jamie’s account of his conversation with Jodi. (Superior Court Of The State Of California)

Besides claiming that she called Britney “mentally sick,” Jamie also alleged that Jodi mentioned possibly getting a 5150 psychiatric hold, when explaining the pop star’s health issues and mental health concerns. “Ms. Montgomery said she would update me on my daughter’s condition and would follow up on what I can do to help,” Jamie said. He then explained that the next time he spoke to Jodi, she “back-tracked on most of the details she shared with me and discounted the need for a 5150.” Jodi has since claimed that Jamie “misrepresented” what she said, and that she didn’t say that Britney would qualify for one.

Jodi Montgomery’s lawyer fired back at some of Jamie’s claims in a statement to HollywoodLife. Jodi’s lawyer said that it wasn’t true that Sam and her placed Britney in a mental health facility. “As Case Manager, Ms. Montgomery worked under the sole direction and control of Jamie Spears.  She had no power or authority to place Britney Spears in any facility as a Case Manager – only Jamie Spears had that power in March 2019,” the statement read.

Jodi’s lawyer also said that the temporary co-conservator supports having Jamie removed from the pop star’s conservatorship. “Ms. Montgomery cannot go into those concerns with any further detail except to say that having her father Jamie Spears continuing to serve as her Conservator instead of a neutral professional fiduciary is having a serious impact on Ms. Spears’ mental health,” the statement said. “It is in Ms. Spears’ best interests that her father step down as her Conservator, so he can go back to just being Ms. Spears’ father, and working on a healthy, supportive father-daughter relationship.”

Britney’s lawyer claimed Jamie’s dad pays himself more than he pays her in new court documents on Thursday. (Eric Charbonneau/Sony Pictures/Shutterstock)

Britney addressed the “conservatorship drama” briefly in a fun video to her fans on August 5, where she answered some questions, but she didn’t divulge much more information.  A source told HollywoodLife that Britney’s been taking the next hearing “very seriously,” even as she went to Hawaii to escape for a few days.