Jason Momoa, 41, Takes Off His Shirt & Covers Himself In Hand Sanitizer & Tuna For ‘Sexy’ Challenge

Only Jason Momoa could make everyday things look sexy. The 'Aquaman' star goes shirtless and covers himself with hand sanitizer and tuna for a 'Make It Sexy' challenge on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

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Jason Momoa
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Jason Momoa, 41, definitely has that “sheer animal magnetism,” that’s for sure. Guest host Anthony Anderson came up with a challenge for Jason’s “unique set of skills” for the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The challenge didn’t call for it, but Jason immediately took his shirt off to complete the challenge shirtless.

“The studio didn’t want me to take my clothes off, but we’re going to take my clothes off,” Jason says as he takes off his shirt. Jason inspires Anthony to take off his jacket and shirt as well. “Get naked!” Jason yells.

Jason Momoa
Jason Momoa got shirtless for ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ (ABC)

The first challenge for Jason is sanitizing his hands. Instead of sanitizing just his hands, Jason squirts hand sanitizer all over his chest and his face. The audience cheers for Jason’s sexiness while completing this normal task.

The next thing Jason has to make look sexy is opening a can of tuna. Instead of using a can opener, Jason uses his Aquaman strength to open the can of tuna with his arm. Jason takes the can of tuna and covers himself with tuna juice! It’s a little gross, but Jason manages to make it look sexy regardless. Jason also grabs some of the tuna and rubs it all over his face.

The Game of Thrones alum’s final task is ironing shirts. Jason claims he likes to rub baby oil all over himself before ironing his shirts. Jason takes ironing shirts to an OMG level of sexy by saying it’s all about the “long stroke.” He irons his shirt totally shirtless with only a blanket wrapped around his waist. At one point, Jason gyrates against the ironing board.

Jason MOmoa
Jason Momoa goes shirtless while out and about. (MEGA)

Before the “Make It Sexy” challenge, Jason admitted that he’s been busy filming his series See and hasn’t been able to work out as much as he could. “I’ll get it together, I promise,” Jason said. He hates going to the gym and prefers rock climbing and surfing. Jason is gearing up to start filming the Aquaman sequel, which will be released in 2022.