‘The View’ : Joy Behar Says Trump ‘Looked Like He Pooped His Pants’ & Meghan McCain Freaks

Joy Behar had a hilarious reaction to Donald Trump's wrinkled pants at a recent event on the June 7 episode of 'The View,' and Meghan McCain was mortified.

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The ladies of The View had a little something to say about Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally in North Carolina on June 5. The former president appeared like he may have been wearing his trousers backwards, and the fabric was completely wrinkled. During the June 7 episode of The ViewWhoopi Goldberg asked Joy Behar if she was as “disturbed” by the look as much of the public was over the weekend.

“Well, they make him look crazy,” Joy said. “They make him look crazy. On Fox News, they talk about how Joe Biden is suffering from dementia. Hello! Joe Biden is riding his bike and running a country quite well. This guy’s running around with pants that looked like he pooped in them or something! It’s weird.”

Meghan McCain’s eyes nearly shot out of her head when she heard Joy’s comment. “Oh my God!” she responded. Joy mocked Meghan for the reaction, which led Meghan to explain why she was so mortified. “It’s just, we had a conversation with standards before that we weren’t supposed to say that,” Meghan explained. “That’s why I said ‘Oh my God.’ Sorry. His pants look weird, but we weren’t supposed to say that.”

donald trump
Donald Trump with wrinkled pants at an event in North Carolina. (Shutterstock)

Joy claimed that she was not privy to this discussion. “I did not have that conversation with standards,” she insisted. “I don’t know…the guy stole so much money from his constituents and he continues to say that he won the election. He has nobody he can go to for better pants? And where’s Melania [Trump]? She’s not ironing them anymore?”

Trump caused quite a frenzy on Twitter when he showed up to the North Carolina event with his unkempt pants on June 5. Most people were convinced that Trump was wearing the pants backwards, since there was no fly visible in the front. Trump did not respond to the speculation, but the buzz has clearly still continued into the new week!

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