Bachelor’s Catherine Giudice Loses 25 Lbs. While Eating Pizza & Pasta — Before & After Pics

Catherine Giudice revealed how she still managed to lose weight while indulging in comfort foods. Her husband, 'Bachelor' co-star Sean Lowe, also lost 12 pounds using the same methods!

Catherine Giudice
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It turns out that eating pizza and losing weight are not mutually exclusive. Catherine Giudice, 35, revealed that she lost 25 pounds by eating comfort foods like the Italian delicacy! Her husband Sean Lowe, 37, whom Catherine fell in love with on Season 17 of The Bachelor, also managed to lose weight (12 pounds total) following this unique diet: AKA, NutriSystem.

Catherine Giudice, Sean Lowe
Catherine Giudice teamed up with her husband, Sean Lowe, for a NutriSystem commercial. Catherine lost 25 pounds using the meal delivery program, while Sean has lost 12 pounds so far. [Nutrisystem/MEGA]
“We’re still eating those fun things like pizza, pasta and burgers, but they’re perfectly portioned and made healthier,” Catherine revealed to Daily Mail on June 1. NutriSystem is a weight loss meal delivery program that delivers already prepared meals to customers; for context, the company’s Italian sausage and turkey pepperoni pizza only has 260 calories (while still packing in 15 grams of protein). Catherine doesn’t rely on diet alone, though, to see results; she “also hits the gym several times a week,” according to Daily Mail.

Catherine Giudice
Catherine Giudice debuted her 25-pound weight loss during this photo shoot for NutriSystem. [Nutrisystem/MEGA]
“Nutrisystem works for us. We love the convenience of the program and how delicious the meals are,” Catherine added, who recently starred in a NutriSystem commercial with her husband (as you can see in the photo above). Sean chimed in to add, “Throughout this journey, we were able to hold each other accountable to our goals and were encouraged by each other’s results. Every step of the way, we made sure to support each other and lift each other up, which helped us succeed even more.”

Catherine Giudice revealed she had already lost 20 pounds by January of 2021,  and showed off her before and after photos above. [Instagram/@catherinegiudice]

Catherine also offered her Instagram followers a 50 percent discount on their Nutrisystem orders (the link is in her Instagram bio). “Update! SO excited to share with you – I’ve lost 25 pounds!,” the mother of three also shared in her Instagram post [SEEN HERE], which she shared on June 1. The former ABC star revealed that she was “determined to get back on track” after she welcomed her daughter Mia with Sean in December of 2019. The Bachelor stars are also the parents of Samuel, 4, and Isaiah, 3. 

Catherine Giudice, Sean Lowe
A throwback photo of Catherine Giudice holding hands with Sean Lowe in 2013, after their season of The Bachelor aired that year. [Shutterstock]
Sean — who used to play football for Kansas State University — revealed his own weight loss progress in a separate Instagram post. “Catherine and I have been using the @Nutrisystem Partner Plan to focus on our health and wellness as a team. I’ve lost 12 lbs and Catherine has lost 25 lbs! We’ve held each other accountable to our goals and encouraged each other along the way. They even made a commercial out of us,” the father wrote.

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