Kaavia Wade, 2, Crashes Into Mom Gabrielle Union With Her Toy Car To Avoid Naptime — Watch

Gabrielle Union's adorable daughter Kaavia proved she'll be a confident driver in the future when she fearlessly drove toward her mom at full speed after she suggested a nap.

Gabrielle Union, Kaavia Wade
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Gabrielle Union‘s adorable daughter Kaavia, 2, showed off her feisty side on Apr. 7 when she drove her toy car toward her mom! The actress shared a clip of the funny moment to her TikTok and then reposted it on Kaavia’s Instagram page and in it, she can be seen wearing white overalls and tan boots as she walks backwards away from the powerful little driver. As she talks about suggesting a nap, her little mini me continues to drive at full speed while wearing a pink and green flowery dress.

She eventually appears to run over Gabrielle’s foot with the white car. “Oh, you just ran mommy over! You just going to run me over?” the entertained mom hilariously says to the tot. Although it was quite an eventful drive, Kaavia kept her composure and didn’t utter a word.

Soon after the video was posted, fans couldn’t help but leave enthusiastic comments that proved they loved it and got a laugh over Kaavia’s actions. “Lmaaoooo!! I’m weak at this! She didn’t EVEN flinch after damn near taking yo leg off😂😂😂,” one follower wrote. “She’s actually really good at steering that thing. 🙌🏽💕,” another pointed out.

Gabrielle Union, Kaavia Wade
Gabrielle Union and Kaavia Wade at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Before Kaavia showed off her driving skills, she showed off her swimming skills while splashing about in a pool. The awesome fun was displayed in a video posted to her Instagram page last month. As the little girl enjoyed the water, she could be heard singing and saying, “My feet are dirty” to which Gabrielle replied, “Your feet are dirty?”

The doting parent referred to the comment in the caption for the post. “I mean, why else do people swim if not to wash their feet?” it read.

Gabrielle often shares memorable times with Kaavia whenever she can so her latest videos are not too surprising. The small gal, whose father is Dwyane Wade, 39, has proven she definitely has a mind of her own and loves to embrace life with her toys and her personality! We can’t wait to see more cute videos and pics in the future!

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