Paulina Porizkova, 55, Has Been ‘Going On Dates’ & Reveals What She’s Looking For In A Boyfriend

Paulina Porizkova isn't opposed to falling in love again! The legendary model opened up to HL about her dating life since her husband's passing a year and a half go.

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Top model Paulina Porizkova, 55, was left heartbroken when her “soulmate” and husband of 30 years, Ric Ocasek, suddenly died on September 15, 2019. As she has started to pick up the pieces and get back on her feet again as a single woman, Paulina revealed in an EXCLUSIVE interview on the HollywoodLife Podcast that she is going on dates. “I have most certainly been on dates! And that’s an interesting thing in itself in the pandemic,” she laughed on the podcast. “Obviously, these dates are all sitting and dining outside, freezing your butt off and trying to get to know each other while your toes are freezing!”

Paulina said that she’s “casting the net wide” when looking for a partner. “I’ve gone out with some some pretty normal people that are invariably really sweet and charming and… will spend most of the time talking about themselves,” she dished. “It’s online dating baby!”

Paulina Porizkova at home. (Courtesy of Instagram)

The model said the one thing she isn’t interested in is dating another musician. “No more of those,” she laughed. “I know what I’m not looking for. I definitely have a list of things, like need not apply if you have emotional unavailability, if you don’t love your mother. But, as for what I’m looking for, I’m pretty open and we’ll see. Like, woo me.”

Paulina’s online dating profile includes pictures of the “real” her,” she explained. “Look, I’m 56, this is what I look like, I don’t post pictures of myself where I look better than the real me. So it’s like, no, you’re gonna get what you think you’re gonna get,” she said.

She added that she’s a “hopeless romantic” and admitted that once her “heart is healed” she would considered getting married again. However, Paulina said, “Would I ever want to lose my power again? Because that to me right now is what marriage was — was the loss of my power. But I think you can actually balance those two, so never say never.”

Gorgeous model Paulina Porizkova. (Courtesy of Instagram)

Since the death of Ric in 2019, Paulina has be vocal about that “loss of power” she referred to, specifically when discussing her “naiveté” when it came to their finances. It was revealed that The Cars frontman cut Paulina out of his will and she was “left with no money for groceries” following his sudden passing. “There was money, but I couldn’t access that money. Things had to be sold off, transactions had to be made in order for me to be able to access anything at that time,” she explained.

Now, the model says she is “perfectly and totally fine.” “The way things are divided when you’re still married, I’m by no means penniless. I can’t divulge any details because we’re still having discussions with the estate of what is mine and what is not mine, but  I’m not homeless, I’m not begging for groceries on the on the street corner by any means.”

Listen to the full podcast episode with Paulina Porizkova coming out soon on Spotify & Apple!

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