Why Wendy Williams’ Date Mike Esterman Would Be A ‘Perfect’ Boyfriend For Her

Wendy Williams and Mike Esterman — who she chose to go out with in her 'Date Wendy' talk show segment —  hit it off on their first date! Learn why the host is hopeful that Mike could be the one!

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If Mike Esterman continues to play his cards right, he may have a future with Wendy Williams. The talk show host, 56, and the businessman, 55, who said he “works in real estate and home improvement,” were spotted out together for the first time in New York City on March 5. The outing marked their first date after Wendy crowned Mike as the winner of her “Date Wendy” competition — in which the winner has a real shot at becoming Wendy’s boyfriend. And, so far, Mike is a strong candidate to win her heart for good.

“Mike is really confident, very outgoing and he’s a well-known and respected businessman and that’s why he’s the kind of guy that would be perfect for Wendy,” a source close to Mike told HollywoodLife, exclusively. “Mike had a great time on his date with Wendy, but he’s being a total gentleman and not spilling any details at this point.” The insider also noted that Mike is connected with high-profile people, so he’s understanding of Wendy’s life in the spotlight.

“Mike was really excited about his date with Wendy, and it was really sweet because he was also a little nervous. He asked some friends, including Mario Lopez, for advice about what to wear and things like that,” the source explained, noting that Mike and the host and Saved By the Bell alum have been “close friends” for years. “Mike trusted Mario’s opinion when he suggested going out with Wendy.”

Wendy Williams & Mike Esterman. (Photo credit: Evan Falk/Shutterstock/SplashNews.com)

A separate source close to the talk show host said that Wendy actually sees a future with Mike, despite their relationship being in its early stages. “She likes that people know who she’s dating and that she did it on her terms. She knows that Mike can handle the attention, because let’s be honest, people are going to be watching them — and if things continue with Mike, she’s going to share her relationship with her viewers,” the insider explained. “It’s very exciting for Wendy to be dating again and Mike is a fun guy and hopes to make it work. Only time will tell, but she’s hoping for the best.”

Wendy sparked romance rumors with Mike when she shared a closeup selfie of the pair to Instagram on March 5. The couple, who were pictured cozied up in the backseat of a car, enjoyed a meal together, before going back to Wendy’s New York City apartment, where they talked and got to know each other more. The host gushed over her date on her Monday morning talk show on March 8, and admitted “we kissed.”

She said, “He’s got to stand on his tippy toes. I was thinking of you guys the whole time it was going on. I was thinking, ‘I really like him and he likes me.’ My heart broke when he left,” Wendy continued. “I walked him to the elevator and waited for the doors to close…”

In the caption of her selfie post, Wendy wrote, “Mike & I are having fun!! I’m glad he’s a REAL gentleman.”

Wendy, who was previously married to Kevin Hunter for nearly 22 years, filed for divorce from the producer in April 2019 — after she discovered that he fathered a child with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson. The divorce was finalized by January 2020. Wendy and Kevin share one son together, Kevin Hunter Jr., who’s a college student in Miami.

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