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Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter: A Look Back At Their Marriage & Shocking Divorce

And like that, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter's marriage is over. After tying the knot in 1997, she's filed for divorce in 2019 after decades of drama. Here's what happened from the beginning to the dramatic end.

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Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter
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After nearly 22 years of marriage, Wendy Williams bit the bullet and filed for divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter. Their relationship started out as a fairytale romance in 1995, followed by a wedding in November 1997. But by 2019, their union had soured. After months of rumors about the demise of their relationship, and accusations of Kevin cheating on her and fathering a child with the mistress, Wendy finally did what everyone was waiting for: she took off her wedding ring and kicked Kevin to the curb. As they move toward officially ending their marriage, let’s take a look back at Wendy and Kevin’s decades-long marriage and sudden divorce:

Wendy and Kevin met three years before getting married, and got together after Wendy’s divorce in 1995 from her first husband, Robert Morris III. They welcomed their only child, son Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000. Wendy has kept her son’s life fairly private, but does talk about him on her show from time to time. Kevin Jr. is now 19 and a college student. Wendy and her husband were inseparable, and soon mixed their professional and personal lives. Kevin is not only Wendy’s manager and agent, but serves as an executive producer on The Wendy Williams Show, which began in 2008. Kevin has been a huge presence on the show in terms of content and vetting the guests who appear. He was accused of being too controlling of Wendy on the show in a 2013 report from Daily News.

Kevin first cheated on Wendy in 2000, following the birth of their son, she revealed in her 2003 memoir Wendy’s Got The Heat. She chose to stay with him, saying in a 2013 interview with VladTV, “It has made our marriage — and I know this is cliché, but it’s true — it’s made our marriage stronger. No, I’m not back to the girl I was before him, because when you get stung like that, you never go back to who you were — only a fool does. But I love him, and he loves me, and we addressed it head-on.” Kevin has been accused of cheating on her over the past decade with Sharina Hudson. Kevin allegedly led a double life with the 32-year-old massage therapist, even allegedly buying her a pricey house just miles away from his and Wendy’s home. They have been spotted out together by paparazzi multiple times. Sharina recently gave birth to a son, allegedly Kevin’s.

Despite the rumors, Wendy consistently maintained that there were no problems in their marriage. As she struggled with her diagnosis and battle with Grave’s Disease, starting in 2017, he was her pillar of strength — especially when she took a six-week hiatus from her talk show in 2019 to focus on her health. She revealed after coming back to the show that Kevin and their son had been supporting her as she spent time at a sober living house. She continued to wear her wedding ring on her show, and told her fans that they should only ask about her marriage when the ring came off. Well, she wasn’t wearing the ring during her April 11, 2019 episode… just hours before it was revealed that she served Kevin with divorce papers — allegedly on the set of the show. It’s over, for good this time.