‘Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ Trailer: Bucky Hangs On For Dear Life In Epic Super Bowl Spot

'The Falcon & The Winter Soldier' is one of the most highly-anticipated TV shows. The show's Super Bowl trailer showcased Sam and Bucky's epic (and very dangerous) adventures.

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Sebastian Stan
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Sam and Bucky aren’t done saving the world whatsoever. In The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, the beloved Marvel characters are entering the next chapter of their lives after the events of Avengers: Endgame. A new trailer dropped during the 2021 Super Bowl, and it’s even more epic than we originally thought it would be. The show picks up following Sam being handed Captain America’s shield.

The first moments of the trailer show Bucky and Sam in what looks like an interrogation room. “Mr. Barnes, why does Sam aggravate you?” the woman asks Bucky. The answer to that question remains a mystery. Despite their differences, Bucky and Sam have to team up against Baron Zemo, who doesn’t think superheroes should exist.

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie in the trailer. (Marvel Studios)

At one point in the trailer, Sam throws Cap’s shield. It boomerangs off of a tree and Bucky catches it. Could this be teasing a possible struggle for Cap’s shield in the future? Sharon Carter returns to spice things up in the trailer. Towards the end of the latest glimpse of the Disney+ series, there’s an intense truck fight. Bucky is left hanging on to the bottom of a truck, and Sam just has to take a moment to tease him about it.

Sebastian Stan
Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes. (Marvel Studios)

Sam and Bucky team up for a global adventure that tests them in completely new ways. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are back as Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Their characters haven’t always gotten along, but this show will explore their growing friendship. Both of them also have to deal with the impact of not having Steve in their lives anymore. HollywoodLife got some EXCLUSIVE scoop from Anthony about the show during the Altered Carbon press junket in Feb. 2020. “With this new series, Falcon & [the] Winter Soldier, you get to see Sam in a completely different light,” Anthony told HollywoodLife. “You get to see him in his day-to-day life and learn and see who he actually is.”

The series was originally supposed to debut in Aug. 2020 on Disney+. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show’s premiere has been delayed. The cast and crew had to stop filming in March 2020 while in Prague because of the global health crisis.

Anthony Mackie Sebastian Stan
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan brought their bromance to Hall H at SDCC in 2019. (AP)

The Falcon & the Winter Soldier will feature more familiar faces from Marvel movies. Daniel Brühl returns as Baron Zemo, the villain of Captain America: Civil War. Emily VanCamp is also reprising her role as Sharon Carter. Wyatt Russell joins the main cast as a new character named John Walker. The Falcon & the Winter Soldier is part of Phase Four of the MCU. The Disney+ original series will premiere on March 19.