Claudia Conway Defends Mom Kellyanne After She’s Accused Of Posting Topless Pic Of Teen Online

Claudia Conway defended mom Kellyanne on TikTok after she was accused of posting a topless photo of her teen on Twitter. Claudia's also taking a break from TikTok.

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Claudia Conway released a statement on TikTok one day after mother Kellyanne Conway was accused of posting a topless photo of the 16-year-old on Twitter, defending her family and announcing that she’s temporarily leaving social media. “Hi guys, I just wanted to come on here and address the situation. This isn’t forced, it’s coming completely from me, Claudia. I have faith and I know that my mother would never put something like that on the internet As well as me, we would never do that,” Claudia said in her January 26 video.


please stop sending hate to my family. please. i am putting an end to all of this. i’m okay. we are okay.

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My mom and I fight like mothers and daughters,” she continued. “But we also fight like mothers and daughters. And I do love her. I will be taking a break from social media because we are really tired of being headlines. And we fight like mothers and daughters, but being in the public eye exacerbates that greatly, and it adds a lot of stress to both of our lives. I don’t want that. I don’t want any drama, I don’t want any hate.” Claudia then announced that she’s stepping back from TikTok, where she 1.6 million followers.

“I will be leaving social media for a bit to work on my relationship with my mom and my family. Please, do not incite hate or violence on my family. Please, no threats or calls to authorities. I love my mom and she loves me,” Claudia concluded. Her message comes after her mother’s Twitter account (@KellyannePolls) shared an image of the ex-White House counselor’s topless daughter using the Fleets feature, which deletes posts after 24 hours. The photo was promptly removed; Claudia went on TikTok later and confirmed in a series of now-deleted videos that the photo was of her.

Claudia Conway visits the White House with mother Kellyanne Conway as a child (AP)

“I’m assuming my mom took a picture of it to use against me one day and then somebody hacked her or something,” Claudia reportedly said in the videos. “I’m literally at a loss for words. If you see it, report it… nobody would ever have any photo like that, ever. So, Kellyanne, you’re going to f**king jail.” The incident occurred just six days after Claudia posted (and deleted) a video of police speaking with Kellyanne at their New Jersey home.

Claudia had previously posted (and again, deleted) a video compilation of her mother screaming at and belittling her. A third party called the police for a welfare check, HollywoodLife confirmed. The matter is under investigation. In August 2020, Kellyanne announced that she was stepping down from her role at the White House to focus on her family after Claudia told her TikTok followers that she was filing for emancipation over alleged “trauma and abuse” from her parents.

Kellyanne Conway has not spoken out about the recent allegation. Her husband, George Conway, reposted Claudia’s video to Twitter, writing, “Our daughter Claudia asked me to tweet this statement for her.”