Eva Longoria’s Trainer Grant Roberts Shares An At Home Workout You Can Do With No Equipment

Eva Longoria's trainer has been keeping her flawless fit for years, and now he's sharing a step-by-step workout that you can do at home, EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

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Eva Longoria, 45, is a busy mom — her son Santiago Enrique Bastón is 2 — but somehow she still manages to stay in jaw dropping shape. One of her secret weapons is her longtime trainer Grant Roberts, a champion bodybuilder who owns Granite Gym in Beverly Hills. It’s known as ‘America’s Most Exclusive Gym’ but luckily Grant created a workout EXCLUSIVELY for HollywoodLife readers, so you can get a taste of his training.

In the video, Grant — who recently transformed Kumail Nanjiani, 42, for Eternals — explains exactly how to do each exercise while Devious Maids star Edy Ganem, 37, demonstrates, so you can check your form.  The 5-step full-body workout routine is easy to follow and if it gets us one step closer to being as fit as Eva, we’re in!

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The Routine:
12-15 Static Lunges on each leg
12-15 Plie Squats
10-12 Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift                                                                                                                                                                    10-15 Triceps Dips                                                                                                                                                                                                    15 Triceps Kick-Backs

Step 1: Static Lunge 
GR: “The first exercise is a static lunch, which means you’re going to move your front foot out, and it’s going to be 90 degrees, which is very important. You’re going to go and lunge down, towards the ground. You always want to make sure that your toe is in front of you knee. And you’re going to do this 12 times. It’s an all-around great leg exercise that gets every bit of your legs and glutes. You’re going to do somewhere between 12 to 15 reps depending on your conditioning, and then you will switch legs and do the other side.”
Step 2: Plie Squat
GR: “The next one is for the inner thigh. This is a plie squat. You’re going to put your knees out, and you want to be very tall like a ballerina. This is targeting the inner thigh. You want to get to 90 degrees. There’s a bench behind Edy, and that is just in case you go so deep you lose your balance, that’s there to catch you. So, if you’ve got a chair at home, you’re welcome to do that.”
 Workout Eva Longoria Trainer
Edy Ganem demonstras a plie squat.
Step 3: Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift
GR: “The next one is continuing with the ballet thing and you’re going to be training your hamstrings and glute muscles. Edy is holding on for support on that and you can use the top of a chair or you can use anything for your balance. The leg closest to the balance piece is your straight leg. You’re going go ahead and go into a tilt and you’re going to flex your glutes at the top of that tilt and return. You’re going to do this 10 to 12 times. And of course you’ll switch sides. And when you switch sides the straight leg is the leg beside the balance piece.”
Step 4: Triceps Dips
GR: “The next exercise is to hit your triceps. Edy is sitting on a bench, you can use a chair, you’re going to put your hands [behind you on the chair for support], and she’s going to take her legs out [in front] and she’s going to dip down. The further the legs are out the harder it is. If you need some compensation bring your legs back [closer to the bench or chair] and that’s much easier…You want to challenge yourself getting somewhere between 10 to 15 reps and you want to flex your triceps at the top of this motion.”
Workout Eva Longoria Trainer
Edy Ganem demonstrares tricep dips.
Step 5: Triceps Kick-Backs
GR: “Our last triceps exercise, and Edy is obviously thirsty, but she’s going to use [these water bottles as weights] for triceps and you can use anything at your home. You only need somewhere between 3 to 5 pounds. You can do a little bit more or a little bit less. She’s going to bend over and she’s going to have her elbows above her back and she’s going to do a tricep kickback. You can use various grips. She’s doing the underhand grip and that’s going to hit the back of the tricep or you can do the side grip, and that’s going to do more of the side head of the tricep. So you want to kick those back you really want to flex very hard and each rep. And you can do that for  15 reps.”

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