YFN Lucci Claps Back At Haters Who Say He ‘Disrespects’ Reginae Carter: ‘They Don’t Know What I do’

YFN Lucci set the record straight on his relationship with Reginae Carter, saying that he and Reginae are 'cool' and that they are working on getting back to a place in their relationship where there is 'no drama.'

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YFN Lucci, Reginae Carter
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YFN Lucci doled out some words for critics of his relationship with Reginae Carter. The rapper, 29, appeared on Established and dished on his current relationship status with the newly-minted 22-year-old. He even clapped back at haters, who threw shade at him for seemingly “disrespecting” Reginae. “They don’t know what I do,” he told the host.

The rapper, continued, saying that the haters had an “attitude,” and they “don’t know” what he and Reginae talk about. When it came to revealing if he and Reginae are officially back together, YFN Lucci coyly said, “we cool.” He further elaborated by saying that the two are “working” on their relationship. “We’re working on being better friends,” he continued.

“We’re trying to go back to how we was the first,” he said. “No drama, no bullsh*t.” When the host brought up that Reginae and YFN Lucci recently went on a trip together in October, the rapper said that the two were “just kicking it,” and didn’t allude to any romance. However, not only were YFN Lucci and Reginae making more memories on their October getaway, the rapper was actually responsible for Reginae’s recent 22nd birthday bash in Atlanta.

“Last night was mad real,” Reginae began the caption to her carousel post, featuring images from her ’90s-themed bash. “Thanks to my boyfriend for throwing me this amazing party ! Thanks to my parents for the juvenile and Mannie connect (legendary ) and I wanna thank everybody who came and partied with me ! Y’all some real ones,” she concluded the post.

Reginae Carter, YFN Lucci
Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci seemingly reconciled in October 2020 [AP].
Reginae and YFN Lucci split in 2019 after Lil Wayne‘s daughter noticed that her boyfriend wasn’t exactly acting like himself. Circumstances totally escalated, though, when YFN Lucci attended Alexi Skyy’s infamous ‘cucumber party’ in August 2019, where some racy acts involving cucumbers were performed. Since their October trip, YFN Lucci’s relationship with Reginae has seemingly gotten better, even though some fans aren’t wholly convinced . Regardless, Reginae’s display of affection for her on-again, off-again partner in her post-birthday Instagram post definitely let fans know that the two are getting back to a better place.

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