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Rebel Wilson Reveals The Exact Changes She Made To Lose Over 60 Lbs. To Hit Her Goal Weight — Watch

Rebel Wilson spent 2020 getting healthy and on December 1st she took to Instagram to share her top weight loss tips.

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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Tips
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Rebel Wilson, 40, is at her goal weight of “just under 75 kgs”, which is roughly 165 pounds, and on December 1st she went live on Instagram to talk about her weight loss journey and share what she called the “Rebel triangle of health.” The Australian born actress, who won our hearts with her beloved portrayal of ‘fat Amy’ in Pitch Perfect, explained to her followers that she focused on three different areas during her transformation — the physical, the nutritional and the emotional.

“Let’s start first with the physical activity,” she shared. “I know I am in a lucky position, I do have access to really amazing personal trainers, but I want you guys to know that the majority of the exercise that I’ve done this year has just been me going out for a walk…That is free. You can do it it safely, and walking is the best way for me, for my body type, to metabolize fat.”


“So, on the physical side my biggest tip guys is get out there and walk.” she continued. “If you can do an hour that’s fantastic, that’s what I like to do when I go walking.”

Rebel also encouraged her fans to lift weights and explained that she loves feeling strong. “Ladies don’t be afraid of weights. I freaking love lifting weights, it just makes you feel really strong. I love that feeling of feeling strong and powerful, and the weights are so good for you.  Not only for your muscles but also for your bones as well.”

The Isn’t It Romantic star said she works out six days a week and takes Sunday as a rest day. “I am normally doing at least an hour of physical activity…But that can simply be walking. Today I just walked to the Statue of Liberty. And not at a fast pace.”

 Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Tips
Rebel Wilson looked stunning at the premiere of ‘Jojo Rabbit’ in 2019. (Photo Credit: MEGA)

The second part of Rebel’s “triangle of health” is nutrition. She opened up about being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome [PCOS] in college and explained that it means she needs to focus on a higher protein diet. “I don’t really have many symptoms of it,” she said, “apart from when I turned 20 I rapidly gained 30 kgs [66 lbs]. I was still doing the same things but I just rapidly gained weight. So, for my body type a high protein diet is the way to go.”

Rebel made sure to stress that she isn’t eating clean and healthy every day but said that she does try to prioritize it most days. When she goes out to eat she chooses salmon or chicken and often has protein shakes with vegan protein powder to keep her going during the day.
While in the weight loss phase of her plan she tried to eat just 1,500 calories a day or less but now that she has hit her goal weight and is maintaining Rebel said she is upping her daily limit to 2,500 calories a day.  She also emphasized the importance of drinking lots of water and said she aims to drink at least 2-3 liters a day.
 Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Tips
Rebel Wilson gets an early morning workout done in November 2020. (Photo Credit: MEGA)
Rebel’s healthy transformation wasn’t just external, she also did a lot of internal work as well. “The third thing I wanted to talk about is the emotional side which is to me the biggest,” she explained. “It’s the biggest because for me as I was saying before I suffer from emotional eating it’s my vice…What I found is that when I was doing those unhealthy behaviors that I wasn’t treating myself with love and respect.”
“I must’ve not had high self-worth,” she continued, “because I was engaging in behaviors that weren’t healthy and were really detrimental to myself. So I did a lot of work and one of my doctors taught me how to do something called purge emotional writing. It’s something anyone can do at home.”
Rebel explained to her viewers that “purge emotional writing” involves setting a timer for 12 minutes and “cleansing yourself of emotions” by writing them all down. She admitted that she “over analyzes everything” and has learned that writing out her feelings is a great way to process her emotions.
“If you’re having a disagreement with someone,” she explained, “or stressing out, or having a problem at work you can write it all out. And then after 12 minutes is up you get the piece of paper and you burn it, or you put it in the shredder and you flush it down the toilet because you don’t want anyone else to read this. It helps you cleanse your emotions.”
Since starting her journey to health late last year Rebel has lost over 60 lbs. “I don’t like to keep the exact number but it’s about 28 kg [61 lbs] from when I started late last year,” she said. “That’s a lot. If I picked up 28 kgs in a suitcase, or something, that is freaking heavy. So yeah, I’m proud of myself. But again, I’m just under 75 kgs [163 lbs] now.”
Although Rebel is proud of herself for losing weight, she stressed to her followers that beauty is not about a number on the scale. “For all my bigger girls and guys out there I want to say…Never feel bad about yourself. But, if you are engaging in behaviors that you think are unhealthy just try to make some positive changes in your life. But, never, ever feel bad about your size. Beauty can be at any size and that’s what I’m a big proponent of.”