Halle Berry & Boyfriend Van Hunt Are ‘Inseparable’: Why She’s ‘Very Happy’ With Their ‘Surprise’ Romance

Halle Berry and her new boyfriend Van Hunt have been spending all their time together and she's seriously smitten with the Grammy winning musician.

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Halle Berry Van Hunt Relationship Update
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Halle Berry, 54, has been dating R&B singer songwriter Van Hunt, 50, for almost six months and sources close to the Bruised actress tell HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she’s very happy in her new relationship. The pair, who have been “inseparable” all summer, have now taken their romance to Montreal, Canada where Halle is shooting her newest movie Moonfall.


“Halle and Van have been together almost six months and so far things couldn’t be better,” a source close to stunning star reveals. “She’s very happy with him. She wasn’t looking for anything when they got together so it really took her by surprise, but in the best way. She seems to be very serious about him, they’re pretty inseparable. She’s working on a movie in Montreal right now and he’s there with her.”

Halle first hinted to fans that she had found a new love on August 14, when she rang in her birthday with a mystery man in Las Vegas. According to our source, Halle was so happy with Van that she didn’t want to hide the relationship for long. “Once she realized how happy she was and what a great guy she’d found she couldn’t help but share the news with her fans.”

Halle’s fans are thrilled she’s found love again — and so are her family and friends. “She’s very serious about him, he’s met her kids and her close friends, he’s got everyone’s seal of approval. Everyone thinks he’s a great match for her. Halle respects him so much as an artist, she’s a huge fan of his music so even though she is the more famous one there’s no imbalance, she’s very starry eyed over him,” says our insider.

 Halle Berry Van Hunt Relationship Update
Van Hunt performing at Piedmont Park on Friday, September 21, 2012, in Atlanta. (Photo credit: AP)

But, no matter how loved up Halle gets, she will remain serious about her career, a second source close to the Academy Award-winning actress insists.”Halle takes her relationships seriously but she takes her career even more seriously. Halle and Van are doing their thing and things are working out quite well. She is happy but no one should expect engagement or marriage or something along those lines. They are still figuring things out, but so far so good.”

Back on April 16, just a short time before she began dating the “Family Affair” singer, Halle opened up about her nonexistent love life. “I’ve been pretty alone, by myself, going on three years now – decidedly so,” she said to Lena Waithe, 35, in a Boomerang-centric Instagram Live session.

Halle, who has been married three times, revealed to during the IG live chat that after her last relationship fell apart she decided not to “rush” back into a relationship. The Monster’s Ball actress has been single almost three years and it’s given her a different perspective on her love life. “The next relationship I’ll get into, [I think] I’ll have a better chance at attracting and choosing what’s right for me,” she shared.

Halle Berry Van Hunt Relationship Update
Halle Berry attends the world premiere of “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” in 2019. (Photo Credit: AP)

“Because, I’ve taken this time to really think more clearly about what’s important to me, the kind of person that’s important me. …I no longer feel the need for relationships or to ‘rush’ or accept something that’s not totally right for me,” Halle revealed to Lena. And she explained that she was planning to “wait” for her “match”, or happily stay solo and “be with my kids and do my life the way I’m doing it.”

Of course, less than three months after her declaration, Halle found love again. And, while it’s still too soon to tell if she’s met her life-long match in Van, it’s clear she’d found something special.