Halle Berry, 53, Reveals Her Relationship Status & Why She Likes It That Way

Amid speculation of a possible romance between Halle Berry and DJ D-Nice, the thrice-married Oscar-winner revealed if she’s found her new ‘match’ or not.

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Fans hoping for #BerryNice to be an actual thing will once again be disappointed. “I’ve been pretty alone, by myself, going on three years now – decidedly so,” Halle Berry, 53, said to Lena Waithe, 35, in a Boomerang-centric Instagram Live session on Apr. 15. There has been talk about Halle striking up a romance with D-Nice recently, but she seemed to put that all to rest. Halle revealed to Lena that she’s not currently involved with anyone – and she’s happy with that. “I’ve decided to take time [for myself]… I’m going to spend time with me. And it’s been so great that I might stay like this.”

Halle, who has been married three times, said that she was once a very “relationship-oriented” person. Yet, after her last relationship fell apart, the Monster’s Ball actress decided not to “rush” back into a relationship. She first decided she’d give herself “one year” by herself, but it turned into “two years” and now, almost three. This time being single has given Halle a different perspective on her love life. “The next relationship I’ll get into, [I think] I’ll have a better chance at attracting and choosing what’s right for me,” she said.

“Because, I’ve taken this time to really think more clearly about what’s important to me, the kind of person that’s important me. …I no longer feel the need for relationships or to ‘rush’ or accept something that’s not totally right for me,” Halle says her focus now is on “finding her match,” and she’ll gladly “wait for my match, or stay solo and be with my kids and do my life the way I’m doing it.”

During the convo, Halle made sure to indicate that there was nothing wrong with her previous relationships, but that they just were not her complete match. She and David Justice tied the knot in 1993, only to spit up four years later. She got married for the second time to R&B singer Eric Benét. He underwent sex addiction treatment in 2002, and by 2003, they were separated.

They finalized their divorce in 2005, around the time she started dating French Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. She gave birth to their daughter, Nahla, 12, in 2008. Their relationship ended in 2010, leading to a high profile custody battle. Halle began dating French actor Oliver Martinez in 2010. They were engaged in 2012, married in 2013, separated in 2015, and divorced in 2016. During their relationship, they welcomed a son, Maceo Martinez (now 6.) There was a brief romance with Alex Tha Kid in 2017, but since then, Halle has been solo.

Halle’s status became a topic of discussion after she appeared during one of D-Nice’s ‘Club Quarantine’ Instagram Live parties. During the Mar. 25 event, she appeared on the feed, sipped wine, and began requesting songs. The two seemed to have some decent chemistry together, which prompted the #BerryNice hashtag. However, as he would also later confirm, these two have not found love in this time of coronavirus.